Wizard: The Comics Magazine #228 Variation B

Wizard     August, 2010

The Green Hornet on the Cover

Mail Bag: Stan’s Soap Box Revisited; The Money Shot; First Look: Superior; ‘Emerald’ in the Rough; Rough & Ready; ‘50 Girls’ Blast Off; Body by Romita; Star Power: Hollywood Heavyweights; Log Onto Twaddle: Dr. Doom; Spastic Plastic: The WORST Superhero Toys EVER!!!!; One on One: ‘Pilgrim’ Prattle; Pitching a Tent; Mark Millar Asks… “What Was the First Image in a Comic Book That Turned You on as a Kid?”; ‘Green’ Screen; Tragic Genius: Wally Wood; Casting Call: The Comics Industry; On the Rise: The Fantastic Five; Not Fit for Print; King of the ‘Hood’; From the Desk of Mark Millar…

 Mark Millar, Stan Lee, Mike Cotton, John Romita Jr., David Goyer, Eli Roth, Tom DeSanto, Zak Penn, Damon Lindelof, Robert Rodriguez, Gail Simone, Ethan Kaye, Clark Duke, Michael Cera, Jake Rossen, Seth Rogen, Jim McLauchlin, Caleb Goellner, Andy Serwin, Judd Winick

 Leinil Francis Yu, Fernando Pasarin, Steve McNiven, Frank Cho, Wally Wood

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