Betty and Veronica Double Digest #188

Archie     April, 2011

Fashion Fatigue; Cool Winter Style; Rest Test!; Inner Voices; Quiz Whiz; Star Struck; Shape Up!; Veronica’s On the Town Fashions; Warming Trend; The Ice Breaker; Give Me a Ring; Enough Stuff; Wow! My Name is on the Map!; The Marrying Kind; Preferential Treatment!; Laugh Track; Sale Tale; When You Gotta Glow; Late Mate; The Wrong Stuff; Sabrina: The Deed Doer; Sabrina: The Greatest Magic; Sabrina: Grounded; Ready for Something Different; Chore Bore!; Betty’s Casual Fashions; Good Sports; Bird is the Word; Comfy and Cozy; With Kid Gloves; Stronger Than Fiction!; Lost and Found; Scents Make Sense

 Mike Pellowski, Angelo Decesare, Kathleen Webb, George Gladir, Frank Doyle, Greg Crosby

 Bob Bolling, Stan Goldberg, Dan DeCarlo, Jeff Shultz, Pat Kennedy, Dan DeCarlo Jr, Fernando Ruiz

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