Betty and Veronica Double Digest #191

Archie     July, 2011

Going Green!; Advice From Above; Have to Believe Itís Magic; Lost & Confounded!; Changing Rumor!; Picture Perfect; Lost and Found; Music to Her Ears; Sales Resistance; Sitter Titter; Big Prom-Lems!; Scratching the Surface!; Psych-Out; Youíve Got to Give Her Credit; Memory Lion; Fab 70ís!; Do Not Disturb; Sabrina: A Terrible Talent; Sabrina: Plant Life; Sabrina: Charm Harm; Sabrinaís Silly Singles: I Get the Point; Bridesmaid Charade!; A Tale of 2 Proms; Betty and Veronica Prom Style; Honey of a Question; Team Support!; So Real Itís Surreal; I Gotta Be Me; Garage Ga-Ga!

 Bill Golliher, Kathleen Webb, Mike Pellowski, Dan Parent, Barbara Slate, Harold Smith, George Gladir, Craig Boldman

 Stan Goldberg, Jeff Shultz, Dan Parent, Bob Bolling, Fernando Ruiz, Henry Scarpelli, Rex W. Lindsey

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