Betty and Veronica Double Digest #194

Archie     November, 2011

The Big Puzzle!; Betty and Veronica Pinup; Character Witness!; Reduced Circumstances; Pincer Wincer; Dollars & Sense; About Face; Betty’s Designs for Good Times; Rat Control; The Nose Knows; Ron Takes a Hit!; Clause Trophobia; Betty and Veronica Fashions; Thrift Rift; Ginger: Teacher Pets; Ginger: Horizontal Heroes; Ginger: Good Night Miss; Sweet Treat; Art à la Carte; Smog Dialogue; Sabrina: A Feudal Attempt; Study as She Goes; The Mystery of History; Tangled Web!; Picture Dissed; Teacher Torture; Shape Up!; Running Gag!

 George Gladir, Jeff Shultz, Mike Pellowski, Kathleen Webb, Craig Boldman, Dan Parent, Samm Schwartz, Barbara Slate, Bill Golliher, Fernando Ruiz

 Tim Kennedy, Jeff Shultz, Dan Parent, Dan DeCarlo, Henry Scarpelli, Samm Schwartz, Fernando Ruiz

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