World of Archie Double Digest #12

Archie     January, 2012

The Challenge; Tall Brawl; Weatherbee in Dear Old Dad; Write This Down…; Kiss Bliss; [Mad House Presents] Denny the Drifter; Mad House Presents Master Disaster; [Mad House Presents] You Know You’re a Monster If…; Mad House [Presents] Beserk Quirk; Archie in Gimme a Break! (puzzle); The Archies in Minstrels of Yore; Archie’s Fashion Craze! Cut-outs!; Jughead in What’s in a Name?; Reggie in A Fine Example; Mayor for a Day; Veronica in Veronica’s Wonderful Life!; George and Ginger; Mr. Weatherbee in The Collection; Josie in The Great One; Josie in Over Dated; Josie in Under Manned; Moose in Season’s Greetings; Lunch Crunch; Strung Out; Holidazed and Confused; Holiday Hassle; Now You’re Cooking!

 George Gladir, Bob Bolling, Joe Edwards, Frank Doyle, Fernando Ruiz, Dan Parent, Mike Pellowski

 Stan Goldberg, Bob Smith, Samm Schwartz, Joe Edwards, Dan DeCarlo, Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski, Pat Kennedy, Dan DeCarlo Jr, Randy Elliott

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