Archie: The Best Of Dan Decarlo #3 Hardcover

Idea + Design Works     December, 2011

The Boxer Rebellion; Boys Life; Change of Tune; Come to Grips; Decisions; Donít Go Near the Water; Fireball; The First Step; Generous to a Fault; Hanky Panky; Hook, Line and Clinker; The Kiss Off; New Look Few Look; Not So Secret Agents; Poise Will Be Poise; Queen Bee; Skin Deep; Sports Lovers; Stamp of Approval; Stereo Phoney; Tie Score; Trail Blazers; Who Needs Archie?; Pardon My French; Double Date!; Bulletin Bored; Sleep Happy; Sorry Right Number; Secretly Speaking; Millinery for Modern Times

 Frank Doyle

 Dan DeCarlo

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