Archie Archives #5 Hardcover

Dark Horse     May, 2012

Hardcover; Collects Archie #15-18 and Pep #54-56

A Horse’s Tale; The Physical Wreck; You Can’t Kill a Guy for Trying; The Plastic Mask; Cool as Can Be and Cute as a Kitten; Blitzed by the Blackout; Match Wits With Archie; Archie The Caddy; Double Trouble; Swing and Sway the Archie Way; Mr. Fixit; Betty and Veronica; Monkey Shines; This Teen Aged Steam Age!; Car Trouble; Memories; The Voice of the Wise Guy; Suit Trouble; Of Men and Mermaids!; Oh, Sister!; The Alibi Artist; Junk for a Junket!; Burning Up; The Frog Catcher!; The Lucky Coin; The Soda “Jerk”; The Dummy; Negative Psychology

 George Kapitan, Ray Cohan

 Bill Vigoda, Al Fagaly

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