Spider-Man: The Graphic Novels #1 Hardcover

Marvel     June, 2012

Hardcover; Reprints Marvel Graphic Novel #22; 1st appearance of White Ninja; 1st appearance of Baroness Zemo (Heike Zemo); 1st appearance of Heike Zemo; Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth #1 & Spider-Man: Fear Itself #1; Spider-Man: Parallel Lives #1; And Spider-Man: Fear Itself #1

Spider-Man in Hooky; Spider-Man: Parallel Lives; Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth; A Scottish Journey (text); Spider-Man: Fear Itself

 Susan K. Putney, Gerry Conway, Charles Vess, Stan Lee

 Berni Washington, Alex Saviuk, Charles Vess, Ross Andru

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