The Secret Files of Dr. Drew (Mr. Monster Presents) #1 Hardcover

Dark Horse     July, 2014

Hardcover; Reprints from Rangers Comics #47-60

The Strange Case of the Absent Floor!; The Philospher’s Stone!; The Witch’s Doll!; The Devil’s Watch!; The Gypsy Girl!; The Mark of the Vampire!; The Order of Elusa; The Pirates of Skull Valley!; The Curse of the Mandibles!; Sabrina the Sorceress!; Druid Castle!; The Dartbane Horrors!; The Ancient Reek of Brimstone!; Sandini’s Trunk!; The Jerry Grandenetti Interview; Case File Extra: The Creators

 Marilyn Mercer, Michael T. Gilbert

 Jerry Grandenetti

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