Mad #456

E.C.     August, 2005

Letters and Tomatoes Department; The Fundalini Pages; Star Bores Epic Load III: The Retread of the Sh*t!; Spy vs. Spy; Mad’s Grotesquely Mutated Fantastic Four Outtakes; A Mad Look at Summer Jobs; The Pizza Trough; The Kid’s Guide to B.S.-ing Through Life the George W. Bush Way; Monroe and…Summer Break; A Peek Inside the Michael Jackson Jury Room; Introducing the All-New Bowelflex XXXTreme; Things You Never Want to Read About the Summer Camp You’re Being Sent To; The Fantastic Four HAs a Crap-tastic Two Weeks; Dump My Ride; Drawn Out Dramas

 The Usual Gang of Idiots, David Shayne, Peter Kuper, Sergio Aragonés, Scott Maiko, Mark Cantrell, Anthony Barbieri, John Caldwell, Johnny Ryan, Greg Leitman, Dave Croatto, Al Jaffee

 The Usual Gang of Idiots, Sergio Aragonés, Hermann Mejia, Peter Kuper, Scott Bricher, Amanda Conner, Bill Wray, John Caldwell, Johnny Ryan, Tom Richmond, Al Jaffee

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