Batman 3-D #1


Introduction by Archie Goodwin; Includes a 3-D Pin-Up Gallery; Includes a reprint of Batman Adventures In Amazing 3-D Action from December, 1953, which was a 3-D reprint of Batman #42, the August-September issue, reconstructed by Ray-Zone based on the original 3-D effects created by DC production managar Jack Adler; Included 3-D glasses are in the shape of the Batman logo of the 60’s TV series

Introduction; Ego Trip; Highlights in the History of the Dark Knight; Pin-Up Gallery; The Bat-Gyro; The Batcave; The Joker; The Catwoman; The Penguin; Two-Face; Superman; Ra’s Al Ghul; Man-Bat; Batman Today; Foreword-Robot Robbers; Robot Robbers

 John Byrne, Archie Goodwin

 John Byrne, Alex Toth, Bret Blevins, Dave Gibbons, Barry Windsor-Smith, George Pérez, Arthur Adams, Mike Zeck, Jerry Ordway, Jim Aparo, Mike Mignola, Klaus Janson, Curt Swan, Ray Zone

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