Action Planet Comics Giant-Size Special #1

Action Planet     October, 1998

Halloween Special; Anthology; Giant-size

Menace Before Midnight!; A Brannigan’s Ghost Escapade; They Saved Reagan’s Brain; Little Stiffy; An Atomic Moster Walks Among Us!; It’s the Great Pumpkin, Uncle Slam; Black Angel; Hem -n- Haw

 Ande Parks, Bret Blevins, Jason Armstrong, John Heebink, Mike Manley, Phil Hester, Scott Cohn, Bill Wray

 Andy Kuhn, Bill Curran, Bret Blevins, Colin Wales, Jason Armstrong, John Heebink, Marc Whelan, Mike Manley, Nick Bertozzi, Phil Hester, Scott Cohn, Bill Wray

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