Images of Omaha #2

Kitchen Sink

Cardstock cover; Benefit comic

The Fine Art of Omaha; Swing Time; Why Do You Read Omaha?; Tit for Tat; One Night at the Fern Co.; Raccoons and Their Friends; Autograph Hound; Try to Remember; Venus in Fur: Candid Chit-chats with Cartoon Kit-cats; An Ode to the man From Minneapolis

 Steven Brust, Alan Moore, Kate Worley, Martin Wagner, Howard Lindsay, Allan Scott, John A. Wilcox, Jim Groat, Doug Rice, Rantz A. Hoseley, Cathy Hill, Bill Fugate, Rick Veitch, Arn Saba

 Allen Nunis, Al Williamson, Roy G. Krenkel, Scott McCloud, Martin Wagner, Roger Stern, Tom Lyle, John Garcia, Joshua Quagmire, Bill Nevill, Pete Fitzgerald, Jim Groat, Hilary Barta, Bret Blevins, Rantz A. Hoseley, Dan Steffan, Roberta Gregory, Tim Fay, Gary Fields, Cathy Hill, Larry Marder, Ken Fletcher, Terry LaBan, Larry Becker, Bill Fugate, Rick Veitch, Bob Burden, Denis Kitchen, Larry Welz, Steve Leialoha, Jacques Boivin, Bryan Talbot, Melinda Gebbie, Arn Saba, Barb Rausch, Frank Miller, Dan Clowes

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