Secret Origins Replica Edition #1

DC     February, 2000

Cardstock fold-out cover; Reprints Secret Origins #1 (1st series); Green Lantern: Green Lantern #1; Challengers Of The Unknown: Showcase #6; Green Arrow:; Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #105; Manhunter From Mars: Detective Comics #225; Flash: Showcase #4; Adam Strange: Showcase #17; Superman and Batman: World’s Finest #94

The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team; Secret of the Eternal City!; The Planet of Doomed Men!; The Secrets of the Sorcerer’s Box!; Origin of Green Arrow and Speedy (text); The Secret Origin of Wonder Woman; The Strange Experiment of Dr. Erdel!; Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt!

 Edmond Hamilton, Gardner Fox, John Broome, Dave Wood, Robert Kanigher, Joe Samachson

 Dick Sprang, Mike Sekowsky, Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Ross Andru, Joe Certa, Carmine Infantino

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