Origins of characters whose name contains “Ant-Man”"

227Avengers, TheOrigin of Ant-Man; Origin of Avengers; Origin of Giant-Man; Origin of Goliath; Origin of Wasp; Origin of Yellowjacket; Captain Marvel II joins team; Captain Marvel II (female) joins team
2Hulk ComicOrigin of Ant-Man
1Marvel Pocketbook The Astonishing Ant-ManReprints Marvel Premiere #47-48, Iron Man (1st Series) #131-133, Avengers #195-196 and 223, Marvel Team-Up #103; 1st Appearance of Scott Lang; 1st Appearance of Ant-Man (Scott Lang); 1st Appearance of Ant-Man II (Scott Lang); 1st Appearance of Cassie Lang; Origin of Ant-Man (Scott Lang); Origin of Ant-Man II (Scott Lang); Avengers (1st Series) #195-196; And Marvel Team-up (1st Series) #103; Redone Cover of Marvel Premiere #47
1Marvel Tales (2nd Series)Reprints from Amazing Fantasy #15, Hulk #1, Tales to Astonish #35, Tales to Astonish #49, Sgt. Fury #1, Tales of Suspense #39, 48, and Journey Into Mystery #38; 1st Appearance of Spider-Man; Origin of Iron Man; Origin of Spider-Man; Origin of The Hulk; Origin of Thor; Origin of Ant-Man; Origin of Sgt. Fury; Origin of Giant-Man; Listed as Marvel Tales Annual #1 in indicia; Giant-size
33West Coast AvengersOrigin of Ant-Man; Origin of Wasp