Titles published by AC

TitleYears Published
21st Centurions2019
AC Action Hero Retro2007
AC Annual1990-1992, 2005
Amazon Warriors1989
Armageddon Factor, The1987
Armageddon Factor, The: The Conclusion1990
Avenger, The1996
Bad Girl Backlash!1995
Barbarians and Beauties1990
Best of the West (AC)2000-2009
Best of the West Big B Western Special2006
Best of the West Roundup2005
Big Bang Universe2015
Big Girl Adventures2002
Big ’Uns1998
Bizarre Thrills1977
Bizarre Thrills: The Paragon Publication Story2012
Black Diamond1983-1984
Black Phantom1989-1990
Black Terror Men of Mystery Spotlight Special2008
Blazing Western (AC)1989
Blue Bulleteer, The1989
Bobby Benson’s B-Bar-B Riders1990
Bob Steele Western (AC)1990
Bolt and Starforce Six1984
Bolt Special1984
Cape And Mask2003
Captain Paragon1983-1984
Captain Paragon and the Sentinels of Justice1985
Captain Wings Compact Comics1994
Cat-Man Retro Comics1997
Cave Girl1953-1954, 1988
Charlton Arrow, The (Vol. 2)2017
Classic Jungle Adventures2006
Cliffhanger Comics1989
Cliffhanger Comics (2nd Series)1990
Colt Special1985
Crimebuster Classics1995
Crime Comics2002
Crypt of Horror2005–2016
Curse of the She-Cat1989
Dale Evans Western1999
Dawn Hunter1994
Deep Dimension Horror1994
Demon Dreams of Dr. Drew1994
Don Winslow Trouble Shooter1991
Durango Kid, The1990
Fantasy Features1987
Faze One Fazers1985-1986
Fazers Sketchbook (Vic Bridges’…)1986
Fem Fantastique1988
Femforce: Claws of the She-Cat2004
Femforce Features—Giantess2004
Femforce Frightbook1992
Femforce: In Living Color2006
Femforce in the House of Horror1989
Femforce: Night of the Demon1990
Femforce: Out of the Asylum Special1987
Femforce Pin Up Portfolio1988
Femforce: Rampaging She-Cat2003
Femforce Special: Rayda the Cyberian Connection1999
Femforce Timelines1995
Femforce: Time Storm1997
Femforce: To Die For2005
Femforce Uncut2001
Femforce Up Close1992-1993
Femforce vs. The Claw2003
Fighting Yank (AC)2002
Fighting Yank & the Sentinels of America2003
Fun Comics (Vol. 2)(Bill Black’s…)1999-2000
Fun Comics (Bill Black’s…)1982-1983
Further Adventures of Nyoka the Jungle Girl, The1988-2005
Garganta’s Thrilling Science2001
Giantess Comics2015
Golden-Age Glamour2013
Golden-Age Greats Adventure Heroes Special2006
Golden-Age Greats Costumed Crusaders Special2006
Golden-Age Greats Spotlight2008, 2011
Golden-Age Greats Star Studded Spectacular2007
Golden-Age Men of Mystery Digest Special2001
Golden Agents2016
Golden-Age Science Fiction Treasury2006
Golden Age Sheena, The1999
Golden Age Spotlight2003
Golden Age Treasury2003
Good Girl Art Quarterly1990-1995
Gorgana’s Ghoul Gallery1994
Great American Western1987-2002
Green Lama (AC)2007-2008
Hand of Zorro, The2002
Haunted Horseman, The1999
Heroes Ink.2000
Hero Hangout1998
Hopalong Cassidy & the Five Men of Evil 
Horror House1994
Horrors of the Haunter1994
House of Frightenstein1994
Jesse James1990
Jungle Girls1988-1992
Ki-Gorr the Killer1995
Lady Crime 
Lash Larue Western1990
Latigo Kid Western1988
Legend of Horror House2002
Lemonade Kid1990
Men of Mystery1999-Present
Men of Mystery Cache of Classics2007
Men of Mystery: Champions Collection2006
Men of Mystery Daring Adventures Special2007
Men of Mystery Fawcett Fighting Favorites2007
Men of Mystery Golden Age Grand Slam2007
Men of Mystery: Heroes for the Ages!2006
Men of Mystery Monster Collection2006
Men of Mystery Spotlight2001
Men of Mystery Supersized Album2006
Miss Masque 
Miss Masque Strikes Back2011
Miss Victory Golden Anniversary Special1991
Miss Victory Retro Comics1997
Ms. Victory Special1985
Nightveil (2nd Series)2003
Nightveil/Colt Special1996
Nightveil’s Cauldron of Horror1989-1991
Official Golden-Age Hero & Heroine Directory, The1997
Old West Heroes Comic Collectors Pack2004
Paragon: Dark Apocalypse1993
Power of Strong Man1989
Power Plays (AC)1985
Presto Kid, The1989
Priority: White Heat1987
Purple Claw Mysteries1994
Redmask of the Rio Grande 
Retro Comics1997
Return of the Black Phantom2002
Rio Rita1994
Rocky Lane Western (AC)2000
Roy Rogers: Trail of Robin Hood 
Roy Rogers Western1998
Roy Rogers Western Classics 
Scarlet Scorpion/Darkshade1995
Secret Files of the Femforce1996
Sentinels of America2003
Sentinels of Justice (1st Series)1986
Sentinels of Justice (2nd Series)1994
Sentinels of Justice Compact 
Shade Special1984
She-Cat1989-1990, 1995
Sisters In S I N1995
Sky Gal1993
Soldiers of Freedom1987
Space Ark1985-1987
Spring Break Comics1987
Starforce Six Special1984
Starmasters (AC)1984
Superbabes Starring Femforce2019
Sword of Zorro, The2002
Synn, the Girl from LSD1990
Synn Watch1998, 1999
Thrilling Planet Tales1991
Thrilling Science Tales1990
Thrilling Wonder Tales1991
Thun’Da, King of the Congo1989
Tim Holt Western Annual1991
Tom Mix Holiday Album1990
Tom Mix Western1988
TV Western2001
Untold Origin of Femforce1989
Untold Origin of Ms. Victory1989
Wall of Flesh1992
Western Movie Hero2002
Western Treasury2010
Wild Bill Pecos1989
Yankee Girl2003
Yankee Girl: Stars & Stripes Forever2012
Young Gun1992
Young Hero1989-1990