Titles published by Aardvark-Vanaheim

TitleYears Published
Aardvark Comics2017
Amazing Cerebus2018
Attractive Cousins2020
A-V in 3-D1984
Canadian Vark2018
Cerberus In Hell?2018
Cerebus Archive2009
Cerebus Bi-Weekly1988-1989
Cerebus: Church & State1991-1992
Cerebus: Guys Party Pack1996
Cerebus High Society1990-1991
Cerebus In Hell?2016
Cerebus Jam1985
Cerebus the Aardvark1977-2004
Cerebus the Newsletter 
Cerebus the Vark Knight Returns2017
Cerebus Woman2019
Cerebus World Tour Book1995
Collected Letters 20042005
Colour Your Own Cerebus in Hell?2019
Crisis of Infinite Cerebi 
Death of Cerebus In Hell? and Other Stories, The2017
Fornicators Inc2019
Free Cerebus1992
Giant Size Jingles2018
Going Home 
Green Dante/Green Virgil2020
House of Cerebus, The2020
Iron Manticore2019
League of Extraordinary Cerebi, The2018
LGBTQ Etc. People2019
Love and Aardvarks2018
Neil the Horse Comics and Stories1983-1988
Nick Calm, Agent of C.O.D.P.I.E.C.E.2018
Silver Cerebus2020
Sim City: A Dave to Kill For2019
Sim City: That Issue After & Teenage Money Nabbing Cerebi2019
Strange Brew1982
Strange Cerebus2017
Super Cerebus Annual2019
Swords of Cerebus1981-1985
Swords of Cerebus Supplement1984
Tales of Sophistication2019
Teenage Mutant Ninja Cerebi2018
Un-Bedable Vark, The2018
Undateable Cerebus, The2018
Varking Dead, The2020
Vark Knight Returns2017
Vark Thing2019
Vark Wars2019
Vark Wars: Walt’s Empire Strikes Back2020
World’s Finite Cerebus2018