Titles published by Alterna

TitleYears Published
Actual Roger2018
Adam Wreck2017
Adventures of Mr. Crypt & Baron Rat, The2019
All My Ghosts2016
All-Star Fubar2018
Alterna Anniverseries: 10 Years of Alterna2016
Alterna Giants: Blood Realm2019
Alterna Giants: Cyko Ko2020
Alterna GIANTS: Cyko KO! Color Your Own2020
Alterna Giants: Mr. Crypt2020
Amazing Age2017-2018
American Terror: Confession of a Human Smart Bomb2008
Attack of the Alterna Zombies!2009
Bartkira: Nuclear Edition2016
Big Bad Book2010
Billy The Pyro2015
Blood Drenched Creature Double Feature: Bee Sting2013
Blood Drenched Creature Double Feature: The Curse Of The Strangehold2013
Blood for Stone2012
Blood Realm2018
Blood Realm (Vol. 3)2020
Blood Realm (Vol. 2)2019
Cannons In The Clouds2016
Chair, The2008
Chair, The (2nd Series)2017
Cyko Ko!2018
Cyko Ko! (Vol. 02)2019
Deadbeat, The2009
Doppelganger (Alterna)2017
Eden (Eric Henson’s…)2018
Empire of the Wolf2014
Fear Diaries2018
Feast or Famine2018
Fubar: Better Red Than Dead2014
Fubar: Declassified2015
Fubar: Guts and Glory2014
Fubar II: Empire of the Rising Dead2011
Fubar: Mother Russia2015
Gods and Gears2019
Go West (Alterna)2017
Hello, Do You Work Here?2010
Horror in the West2012
If Anthology2015-2018
It Came Out On a Wednesday2018
Jesus Hates Zombies Featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves2008
Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack Jaw Blues2007
Last West, The2014
Legends of Log2020
Lilith Dark2017
Lilith Dark & The Beastie Tree2014
Metaphase (2nd Series)2018
Midnight Mystery (Alterna)2018
Mighty Mascots, The2019
Mr. Crypt2017-2018
Mr. Scootles2008
Monstrosity (2nd Series)2013
Mother Russia (Alterna)2017
Novo2008-2009, 2011
One-Dollar One-Shots: Baron Rat 20182018
Red Koi2019
Scrimshaw: Tears of the Sonoran Sea2018
Secret Adventures of Houdini, The2012
Swan King, The2020
Tinseltown: Losing the Light2020
Titan (Amigo)2018
Unit 442017
Unit 44 (2nd Series)2018
Unlikely Trio, The: The Last Barn On The Left2010
Void Walker2019
Wicked Righteous, The2017
Wicked Righteous, The: Exodus2019
XII, The (Alterna)2018
XII, The (Alterna, Vol. 2)2020
Zero Jumper2018