Titles published by American Mythology

TitleYears Published
Abaddon the Destroyer2016
AM Archive Edition of Rocky & Bullwinkle2019
American Mythology Archives: Laurel and Hardy2020
American Mythology Archives: The Three Stooges2019
American Mythology Archives: Zorro2020
American Mythology Dark: Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs2016, 2017
American Mythology Monsters2020
Beast Hunter X2018
Bedtime Stories for Impressionable Children (American Mythology)2017
Beware the Witch’s Shadow2019
Beware the Witch’s Shadow: Happy New Fear2020
Beware the Witch’s Shadow: Soul to Keep2020
Buzzboy GO: Digital Monster Mayhem2017
Capser Presents Hot Stuff Sizzlers2020
Carson of Venus: Fear on Four Worlds (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2018
Carson of Venus: Pirates of Venus (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2018
Carson of Venus: Realm of the Dead2020
Carson of Venus: The Eye of Amtor2020
Carson of Venus: The Flames Beyond (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2018
Carson of Venus: Warlord of Mars (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2019
Casper All-Star Spooks2020
Casper & Hot Stuff2018
Casper & Wendy (American Mythology)2017
Casper Classics2018
Casper Presents Hot Stuff Sizzlers2020
Casper’s Capers2018-2019
Casper’s Classic Christmas2019
Casper’s Ghostland (American Mythology)2018-2019
Casper’s Haunted Halloween2019
Casper Spotlight: The Ghostly Trio2020
Casper’s Spooksville2019
Casper the Friendly Ghost (3rd Series)2017
Casper the Friendly Ghost: Halloween ComicFest2017
Casper the Friendly Ghost Presents Wendy & the Witch Widow2020
Chim Chum and the Portly Samurai2017
Crypt of Screams2017
Dark Tales From the Vokesverse2016
Dark Tales From the Vokesverse (Vol. 2)2019
Death’s Dark Angel2016
Devil Dogs: Guts & Glory2016
Eagle Resurgent2016
Equilibrium: Deconstruction2017
Equilibrium: Gunkata Casebook2015
Eternal Thirst of Dracula2017
Eternal Thirst of Dracula Book 22019
Eternal Thirst of Dracula Book 32020
Fear on Four Worlds (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2019
Filbert Factor, The2018
Gallery of Monsters (Mike Wolfer’s…)2018
Genesis (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2018
Hatchet Halloween Tales (Victor Crowley’s…)2019
Hatchet Halloween Tales II (Victor Crowley’s…)2020
Hatchet: Unstoppable Horror2020
Hatchet Vengeance2018
Inspector, The: The Pink Files2016
Kronen’s Kaiju2016
Lady Zorro (American Mythology)2020
Land That Time Forgot, The2016
Land That Time Forgot, The (2nd Series)2017
Land That Time Forgot, The: Fearless2020
Land That Time Forgot, The: Fear on Four Worlds (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2018
Land That Time Forgot/Pellucidar, The (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2017
Land That Time Forgot, The: See-Ta the Savage (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2018
Land That Time Forgot, The: The Official Motion Picture Adaptation2019
Laurel and Hardy (American Mythology)2019
Laurel and Hardy 1967 Gold Key Edition2019
Laurel and Hardy: Classic Follies2019
Laurel & Hardy Meet The Three Stooges2019
Mark of Zorro, The2019
McCandless & Company: Insecurities2016
Meteor Swarm2017
Monster Men, The: Heart of Wrath2020
Monster Men, The: Soul of the Beast2019
Moon Maid, The: Catacombs of the Moon (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2019
Moon Maid, The: Fear on Four Worlds (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2018
Oggy and the Cockroaches2019
Pellucidar: At the Earth’s Core2017
Pellucidar: Fear on Four Worlds (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2018
Pellucidar: Wings of Death (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2019
Pink Panther, The (American Mythology)2016
Pink Panther 55th Anniversary Special, The2018
Pink Panther: Cartoon Hour Special2017
Pink Panther Classic Christmas, The2018
Pink Panther: Pink Anniversary2017
Pink Panther Presents the Ant & the Aardvark, The2018
Pink Panther: Snow Day2017
Pink Panther, The: Super-Pink Special2017
Pink Panther Surfside Special, The2018
Pink Panther vs. The Inspector, The2018
Princess of Venus (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…)2019
Rocky & Bullwinkle Adventures2018
Rocky & Bullwinkle As Seen on TV2019
Rocky & Bullwinkle Present: The Best of Boris & Natasha2019
Rocky & Bullwinkle Present: The Best of Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties2019
Rocky & Bullwinkle Present: The Best of Peabody & Sherman2019
Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, The2017
Scary Christmas2019
Stargate Atlantis2016-2017
Stargate Atlantis: Hearts & Minds2017
Stargate Atlantis Singularity2017-2018
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate Universe Anthology2018
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate Universe Anthology Ongoing2018-2019
Stargate Universe2017-2018
Stargate Universe: Icarus2016
Starring Sonya Devereaux2016
Starring Sonya Devereaux: Debutante Desperado2017
Starring Sonya Devereaux: Spidershark vs. Snakebear2020
Starring Sonya Devereaux: Vampire Academy 42017
The Three Stooges: Dell 1959 Edition2019
Three Stooges, The (American Mythology)2017
Three Stooges, The: April Fool’s Day Special2017
Three Stooges, The: Astro-Nuts2019
Three Stooges, The: Curse of the Frankenstooge2016
Three Stooges, The: Halloween Hullaballoo2016
Three Stooges, The: Halloween Stoogetacular2017
Three Stooges Matinee Madness, The2018
Three Stooges: Merry Stoogemas2016
Three Stooges, The: Monsters & Mayhem2018
Three Stooges, The: Red, White, & Stooge2016
Three Stooges, The: Shemptastic Shemptacular2018
Three Stooges, The: Slaptastic Special2018
Three Stooges, The: Stooge-A-Palooza2016
Three Stooges, The: The Boys Are Back2016
Three Stooges, The: TV Time Special2017
Underdog 19752018
Underdog & Pals2018
Underdog Classics2017
Underdog Comics2017
Underdog: Halloween Comicfest2020
Underdog in Space2020
Vampire Dad2020
Vampire, Pa: Bite Out of Crime2019
Widow Archives: The Series2018
Zombie-Proof: Zombie Zoo2016
Zorro: A Century of Swashbuckling2019
Zorro: Galleon of the Dead2020
Zorro: Legendary Adventures2018-2019
Zorro: Legendary Adventures Book 22019
Zorro Masters: Alex Toth2019
Zorro: Rise of the Old Gods2019
Zorro: Sacrilege2018
Zorro: Swords of Hell2018
Zorro: Timeless Tales2020