Titles published by Antarctic

TitleYears Published
8bit Zombies2013
32-Bit Zombie2014
64-Bit Zombie2014
16-Bit Zombie2014
Absolute Zero1995-1996
Actionopolis (Shannon Denton’s…)2001
Action Time Buddies2013
Action Time Buddies: Ninjas2013
Addam Omega1997
Adventure Finders2017-2018
Adventures of a Comic Con Girl2012
Airboy: Deadeye2012
Airship Enterprise2015-2016
Alamo: The Comic Book2004
Albedo (2nd Series)1991-1993
Albedo (3rd Series)1994-1996
Albedo (4th Series)1996, 1999
Albedo (5th Series)2004-2005
Alexander Hamilton2016
Alley Oop Adventures1998
Alley Oop Quarterly1999-2000
Amazing Adventures of Professor Jones, The1996-1997
Amazing Strip1994
American Woman1998
Antarctic Press Jam 19961996
Antares Circle1996-1997
AP Chillers2003
Areala: Angel of War1998-1999
Asrial/Cheetah: Dragonblade2001
Asrial vs. Cheetah1996, 1998
Aztec Anthropomorphic Amazons1994
B.A.D.A.S.S. (Antarctic)2019-2020
Bad Kids Go to Hell2009
Bad Kids Go To Hell (Vol. 2)2013
Barack Panther2018
Barack Panther: Barack in Black2019
Barack Panther vs The Tremendous Trump2019
Barr Girls, The1996
Battle Binder Plus1994-1995
Battle for the Planet of the Living Dead2011
Battle Girlz2002
Beowulf (Antarctic)2006
Best of Furrlough1995-1996
Best of Gold Digger1999
Betti Cozmo1999
Big Boob Bondage1997
Big Game1999
Bit Torment2006
Black Hops: Hare Trigger2020
Black Hops: U.S.A.-*-G.I.2018
Blade Bunny2016
Blade Bunny (Vol. 2)2016-2017
Bondage Fairies1994-1995
Boneyard: The Biggening2013
Box Office Poison1996-2001, 2005
Box Office Poison: Kolor Karnival1999
Broken Axis1996
Buffalo Wings1993
Cat Shit One2020
Cat Shit One (Vol. 2)2020
Celebrity Deathface2010
Celebrity Showdown: Olivia Munn2010
Change Commander Goku (1st Series)1993-1994, 1996
Change Commander Goku 21996-1997
Cheeta Pop Scream Queen1994-1995
Chesty Sanchez1995-1996, 1999
Chicken Fighter2011
Chip: Second Crack2010-2011
Chronicles of the Universe2005
Codename: Scorpio1996-1997
Conquest of the Planet of the Living Dead2012
Cookie and the Kid2019
Courageous Princess, The2003-2004
Courageous Princess, The: The Kingdom of Leptia2002
Courageous Princess, The: The Quest2001
Crawling Sky2013
Crimson Nun, The1997
Crimson Scorpion2020
Crossfire (Antarctic) 
Dark Shrine1999
Dark Tales of Daily Horror1994
Deadforce (Antarctic)1999
Dead Pooh2012
Demon Cleaner2009
Devils, The (Antarctic)2018
Diary of A Zombie Kid2011
Dictators of the Twentieth Century: Saddam2004
Dictators of the Twentieth Century Series: Hitler2004
Dinowars: Extinction Files2007
DNAgents Super Special1994
Dr. Frankensteam’s Monster2014
Dog Eaters (Antarctic)2019
Dragon Arms2002-2003
Dragon Arms: Chaos Blade2004
Dragon Arms: Weapons of War2012
Dragon Flux1996
Dragon Pro2006
Eater’s Digest2012
Edge of Empire2014
Enter the Zombie2010
Escape from Planet of the Dead2011
Escape From the Planet of the Living Dead2011
Exciting Comics (Antarctic)2019
Exciting Comics Extravaganza2019
Extremely Silly 
Extremely Silly (Vol. 2)1996
F-3 Bandit1995-1996
Fail of the Dead2011
Families of Altered Wars Presents Angels 7502004
Families of Altered Wars Presents Luftwaffe: 1946 
Families of Altered Wars Presents Panzer: 19462004-2005
Fantastic Panic1993-1994, 1996
Fantastic Panic (Vol. 2)1995-1996
Far West1998-1999
Far West (Vol. 2)2000
Far West: Badder Mojo2009
Far West: Bad Mojo2009
Far West Pocket Manga2008
Fifth Force Featuring Hawk and Animal, The1999
Final Girl2007
Fire and Brimstone2008–2009
F.P. Steamcraft2016
Frontier Graveyard2018
Furry Tails2015
Gao Halloween Special2017
Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue2011-2014
Genus Greatest Hits1996-1998
Get Gomez2017
Ghost Cop2013-2014
Ghost Pirates vs. Ghost Ninjas2007
Gigantor Pocket Manga2005
G.I. Jane (2nd Series)2014
Gina Diggers: Warnerd of Mars2015
Girls of Ninja High School1991-1999
Gold Digger1992-1995
Gold Digger (2nd Series)1993-1999
Gold Digger (3rd Series)1999-Present
Gold Digger 15th Anniversary Special: Sacred Library2006–2007
Gold Digger 2007 Calendar2007
Gold Digger Adventures2005
Gold Digger Ancient Records2016
Gold Digger: Antarctic Press 35th Anniversary Special2020
Gold Digger: Art Of The Movie2010
Gold Digger: Beta1998
Gold Digger: Books Of Magic2010
Gold Digger Color Remix2006
Gold Digger: Dreadwing’s Mymior2008
Gold Digger: Gina Vs. Penny2013
Gold Digger Gold Brick2005-2011
Gold Digger II Pocket Manga2007-2008
Gold Digger Mangazine1994, 1999
Gold Digger Max Pocket Manga2006
Gold Digger/Ninja High School: A Science Affair1994
Gold Digger/Ninja High School: Maidens of the Twilight2009
Gold Digger/Ninja High School: Timewarp 
Gold Digger: Peebo Tales2007-2008
Gold Digger: Peebri’s Big Adventure2010
Gold Digger Perfect Memory1996
Gold Digger Pocket Manga2003-2005
Gold Digger Sketchcard Album2009
Gold Digger: Spellvis2010
Gold Digger: Summer Fun Special2018
Gold Digger Super Poster Mania Book2006
Gold Digger Swimsuit Special2000, 2004-2016
Gold Digger: Tangent2006-2008
Gold Digger Tech Manual2009
Gold Digger: Throne of Shadows2006
Gold Digger: Tiffany and Charlotte2008
Gold Digger: Tiffany and Charlotte Second Semester2009
Golden Warrior Iczer One1994
Governator, The2010
Guzzi LeMans1996
Heaven Sent2004-2005
Helter Skelter1997-1998
Hepcats (Antarctic)1996-1998
Heroes at Large2018
Hey Neeters1993
High Stakes Adventures1998
Hiroshima the Atomic Holocaust the Black Rain of Ruin2005
History of Web Comics, A2006
Hitomi 21993-1997
Hitomi and Her Girl Commandos1992
Hit the Beach1993-2008
Honey Badger2012
Honey Badger Vs. The World2013
Horror Comics2019
Houdini: Master Detective2019
House Of Ax2015
How Not to Draw Manga2004
How the Trump Stole Christmas2017
How to Break into Comics2005
How to Color for Comics2004
How to Color for Comics—Advanced Concepts2002
How to Draw Manga2001-2009
How to Draw Manga: Next Generation2005
Hurricane Girls1995-1996
Iczer One1994
I Hunt Monsters2004–2005
I Hunt Monsters (Vol. 2)2005
Illum, The2020
Immortal Wings2016
Ippongi Bang’s Canvas Diary1994
Judgment Pawns1997
Junction 172003
Jungle Comics (Antarctic)2019
Justice (Antarctic)1994
Kamikaze: 19462000-2001
Killbox Primer 
Kimber, Prince of the Feylons1992
King of Zombies2014
Knightmare (Antarctic)1994-1995
Knight of the Living Dead2011
Konnichiwa Kaiju Kun2019
Konny and Czu1994-1995
Ladies of the Night2011
Lady Britannia: Agent of the Crown2014
Land of Oz: The Manga2008
Land of Oz: The Manga—Return to the Emerald City2008
Last Zombie, The2010
Last Zombie, The: Before The After2012
Last Zombie, The: Inferno2011
Last Zombie, The: Neverland2012
Last Zombie, The: The End2013
Last Zombie Zomnibus, The2014
Leave on the Light (Antarctic)2019
Legacy (Fred Perry’s…)1999-2001
Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Rod Espinosa’s…), The2009
Legends From Darkwood2003
Legends from Darkwood: High Times and Small Crimes2005
Lillith: Demon Princess1996-1998
Littlest Zombie, The2010
Littlest Zombie Vs. Littlest Vampire2010
Luftwaffe: 1946 (Vol. 1)1996-1997
Luftwaffe: 1946 (Vol. 2)1997–2000
Luftwaffe: 1946 (Vol. 3)2002-2003
Luftwaffe: 1946 (Vol. 4)2004
Luftwaffe: 1946 Pocket Manga2004
Luftwaffe: 1946 Sourcebook2005
Macabre (Antarctic)2013
Magical Mates1996-1997
Magic Priest1998
Manga EX2001
Mangazine (Vol. 2)1989-1994
Mangazine (Vol. 3)1999-2005
Mangazine (Vol. 4)2018
Masked Warrior X1996
McCain: The Comic Book2008
Melty Feeling1996-1997
Men’s Altered Wars Chronicles2001-2003
Metadocs: Code Black2006
Metadocs Type A2005
Mighty Bomb1997
Mighty Bombshells, The1993
Mighty Tiny1989-1990, 2005
Mighty Tiny: Tales of the Old Empire1996
Mighty Tiny: The Mouse Marines1991
Miles Away2013
Mischief & Mayhem: Field Trip to Heck!2006
Mischief & Mayhem: Winter Fun Special2006
Mobster Graveyard2018
Momeye the Sailor Scout2014
Monkeybug Madness2006
Mother Superion1997
My Gal The Zombie2015
My Hero Magademia2018
Mystic Edge1998
Nagasaki: The Forgotten Bomb2005
Naked Eye (S.A. King’s…)1994-1995
Nazi Zombies2012
Neotopia Vol. 2: The Perilous Winds of Anthanon2003
Neotopia Vol. 3: The Kingdoms Beyond2004
Neotopia Vol. 4: The New World2004
New Alice in Wonderland2006
Nick Ryan the Skull1994-1995
Nine Lives of Herert Noble, The2017
Ninja High School: 20th Anniversary Class Reunion Special2007
Ninja High School: Antarctic 35th Anniversary Special2020
Ninja High School: Hawaii2006
Ninja High School Perfect Memory1990, 1993, 1996
Ninja High School Pocket Manga2004-2005
Ninja High School: Prom Formula2004
Ninja High School Shidoshi2007–2008
Ninja High School Spotlight1996, 1999
Ninja High School Swimsuit Special1992-2002
Ninja High School Talks About Comic Book Printing1993
Ninja High School Talks About Sexually Transmitted Diseases1992
Ninja High School Version 21999-2000
Ninjas Vs. Aliens2016
Ninjas Vs. Robots2018
No No UFO1996-1998
Obama: Inaugural Edition2009
Obama: The Comic Book2008
October Yen1996
Official Handbook of the GD Universe, The2006–2008
Offworld (Antarctic)2020
Operation Wolfman2010
Oz: The Manga2005-2006
Patriotika (2nd Series)2020
Pearl Harbor: The Comic Book2001
Pirates vs. Ninjas2007
Pirates vs. Ninjas (Vol. 2)2007-2008
Pirates vs. Ninjas: Debate in ’082008
Pirates vs. Ninjas: Global Harming2008
Pirates vs. Ninjas: It Takes A Pillage2009
Planet 92019
Planet Comics (Antarctic)2020
Planet of the Living Dead2011
Posefile Vol. 1 Pocket Manga2009
Pound, The (Richard Moore’s…)2009
Powder Burn1999
President Evil2009
President Evil: Make America (Taste) Great Again2016
President Pence2017
Prince of Heroes, The2008
Prince of Heroes, Chapter II2009
Private Beach: Fun and Perils in the Trudyverse1995
Project A-Komic1995-1996
Quagmire U.S.A.1994
Quagmire, U.S.A. (2nd Series)2004
Rad Island2017
Redeemers, The1997
Rehd (Sam Lotfi’s…)2003
Return to Planet of the Living Dead2011
Rise of the Planet of the Living Dead2012
Robin Hood One Shot2010
Robotech: Class Reunion1998
Robotech: Covert-Ops1998
Robotech: Escape1998
Robotech: Final Fire1998
Robotech: Megastorm1998
Robotech: Sentinels - Rubicon1998-1999
Robotech: Vermilion1997-1998
Robotech: Wings of Gibraltar1998
Rochelle (Vol. 2)2018
Rochelle: The Teen Cockroach2015
Roja Fusion1995
Sarah Palin: Rogue Warrior2010
Sarah Palin Vs. The World2011
SB Ninja High School1995
Scenario A1998
Science Affair, A1994
Science Fair, The2005
Serina: Blade of the Pharaoh2000
Settei Super Special Featuring: Project A-Ko1994
S-Guild (Fred Perry’s…)2006
Shame of Thrones: Bundle Up Winter is Here2018
Shanda the Panda (2nd Series)1993-2008
Sherlock Holmes: Steam Detective2015
Sherlock Holmes Steam Detective Case Files: Beauty and the Bohemian2015
Sherlock Holmes Steam Detective Case Files: The Baskerville Boiler Beast2015
Sherlock Holmes Steam Detective Case Files: The Five Napoleons2015
Sherlock Ninja2009
Shorts (Pat Kelley’s…)1997
Shotgun Mary (1st Series)1995
Shotgun Mary (2nd Series)1998
Shotgun Mary: Blood Lore1997
Shotgun Mary: Deviltown1996
Shotgun Mary Shooting Gallery1996
Shotgun Mary: Son of the Beast1997
Shoujo Pocket Manga2004
Silver Cross1997-1998
Silver Soldiers2017
Sky Sharks2007-2008
Small Bodied Ninja High School1992-1995
Space Wolf 
Specter 72003
Stainless Steel Armadillo1995
Stargods: Visions1998
Star Jacks1994
Starlight Agency, The1991
Star’s End2018
Star Trekker1991-1992
Steam-Age Wasteland2018
Steam League, The2015
Steam Lore: A Curious Publication2016
Steampunk Cinderella2013
Steampunk Coloring Book2017
Steampunk Corsairs2013
Steampunk Edge of Empire (Rod Espinosa’s…)2014
Steampunk Fables2014
Steampunk Fables: The Little Match Girl2015
Steampunk Fairy Tales2011
Steampunk Glamour Gazette2018
Steampunk Goldilocks2014
Steampunk Halloween2013
Steampunk Palin2010
Steampunk Red Riding Hood2014
Steampunk Sketchbook2012
Steampunk Snow Queen2014
Steampunk Snow White2013
Steampunk Swimsuit2012
Steampunk Tales2014-2015
Steam Wars2013-2015, 2017
Steam Wars: Bounty Hunters2015
Steam Wars Bounty Hunters: Hell For Hire2016
Steam Wars: First Empire2015
Steam Wars: First Empire Chronicles2016
Steam Wars: Gearjammer2016
Steam Wars: Princess Legends2016-2017
Steam Wars: Strike Leader2016
Stellar Losers1993
Strangers in Paradise1993-1994
Strong Box: The Big Bad Book of Boon2019
Super NHS2015
Super Secret Robot Club2017
Super Tiny Dragon Arms Stand Alone Special2005
Swimsuit Steampunk2012
Tainted Love2019
Tales From The Creep2015
Tales of Sleepy Hollow: The Lost Chronicles of I Hunt Monsters2005
Tales of the Fehnnik (Antarctic)1995
Tank Vixens1994-1996
Taoland Adventures1999
Team M.O.B.I.L.E.2018
Tigers of Terra (Vol. 2)1993-1995
Tigers of Terra (Vol. 3)2000
Tigers of Terra (Vol. 4)2006
Tigers of Terra: Technical Manual1995-1996
Tigers of the Luftwaffe2001-2002
Time Lincoln2010
Time Lincoln: Apocalypse Mao2010
Time Lincoln: Continental2014
Time Lincoln: Cuba Commander2011
Time Lincoln: Fists Of Fuhrer2010
Time Lincoln: Jack to the Future2011
To Fight With Monsters2011
Tomorrow Man1993
Tomorrow Man (Vol. 2)2000
Tomorrow Man & Knight Hunter: Last Rites1994-1995
Traveller’s Tale, A1992
Tremendous Trump2017
Tremendous Trump, The: A Man-Child Covfefe!2018
Tremendous Trump, The: She-Trump2019
Tremendous Trump, The: World War T2018
Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney, The2018
Trouble with Tigers1992
Trump Punch Man: Delete This!2019
Trump: Putin on the Hits2018
Trump’s: Space Force2019
Trump Vs. Clinton Uncivil War Coloring Book2016
Trump Vs. Time Lincoln2017
Turnbuckle Titans: Nikolai Volkoff2018-2019
Twilight X (Vol. 2)1993-1994
Twilight-X: Interlude1992-1993
Twilight X Quarterly1994-1995
Twilight X: Storm2003–2004
Twilight X-tra1999
Twilight X: War2005-2006
Ultrabot Go Go Go!2019
Undeath Row2012-2013
Vampire Miyu1995-1996
Vanity Angel1994-1995
V-Card, The2019
Velvet Touch1993-1995
Very Zombie Christmas, A2009
Very Zombie Summer, A2010
Victorian Secret Agents2013
Victorian Secret Agents: Owls of the Ironwork Isle2013
Victorian Secret Agents: Steampunk Angels2012
Victorian Secret: Girls of Steampunk2011
Victorian Secret: Girls of Steampunk Collection2013
Victorian Secret: Girls of Steampunk - Girls of Summer2012
Victorian Secret: Girls of Steampunk - Masquerade2012
Victorian Secret’s Summer Special2013
Victorian Secret: Steam Hunters2014
Victorian Secret: Steampunk Angels2014
Victorian Secret: Steam Queens2014
Victorian Secret: Summer Catalog2013
Victorian Secret: Winter Wardrobe2012
Wanderlust (Antarctic)1999-2000
Warnerd Bonus: Full Moons Of Mars2016
Warrior Nun Areala (Vol. 1)1994-1995
Warrior Nun Areala (Vol. 2)1997-1999
Warrior Nun Areala (Vol. 3)1999-2001
Warrior Nun Areala (Vol. 4)2001-2003
Warrior Nun Areala and Avengelyne1996
Warrior Nun Areala and Glory1997
Warrior Nun Areala: Anime—Special Edition Comic1997
Warrior Nun Areala Bolt Premium1997
Warrior Nun Areala Color Manga2005
Warrior Nun Areala: Dangerous Game2001
Warrior Nun Areala: Ghosts of the Past2001
Warrior Nun Areala: No Justice for Innocents2002
Warrior Nun Areala: Portraits1996
Warrior Nun Areala/Razor: Revenge1999
Warrior Nun Areala: Resurrection1998-1999
Warrior Nun Areala: Rheintöchter1997-1998
Warrior Nun Areala: Rituals1995-1996
Warrior Nun Areala: Scorpio Rose1996-1997
Warrior Nun Areala Swimsuit2002
Warrior Nun: Black & White1997-1999
Warrior Nun Brigantia2000
Warrior Nun Dei 
Warrior Nun Dei: Aftertime1997-1999
Warrior Nun: Frenzy1998
Warrior Nun: Lazarus2006
Warrior Nun Manga2000
Warrior Nun: Scorpio Rose1996-1997
Warrior Nun vs Razor1996
Weapons FIle2005
Wild Life (Antarctic)1993-1995
William the Last2018
William the Last: Fight & Flight2018
William the Last: Shadows of the Crown2019
Winds of Winter2001
Wings of the Luftwaffe: 19462006
Women of Gold Digger2010
Women of Gold Digger: Spring Break2011
Women of Gold Digger: Summer Vacation Special2014
World War II: 19461999-2000
World War II: 1946/Families of Altered Wars1998
Yeti vs. Vampire2008
You Can Color Anime Style 
You Can Draw Manga2004
You Can Vote!2004
Zetraman: Revival1993, 1995
Zombie Boy (Antarctic)1996
Zombie Boy Rises Again1994
Zombie Fairy Tales2011
Zombie Fairy Tales: Deadlands2014
Zombie Fairy Tales: Snow White and the Seven Zombies2014
Zombie Fairy Tales: Undead the Sea2014
Zombie Kid2012
Zombie Kid Diaries2012–2013
Z-Rex the Zombisaur2012