Titles published by Archaia

TitleYears Published
Artesia Afire2003-2004
Artesia Besieged2006
Awakening (Archaia)2007
Berona’s War: Field Guide2010, 2011
Billy Fog2011
Black Charity2011
Black Fire2011
Bond of Saint Marcel, The2008-2009
Butterfly (Archaia)2014
City In The Desert2012
Classic Space: 1999: To Everything That Was2013
Conspiracy on the Planet of the Apes2011
Cow Boy (Archaia)2012
Critical Millennium2010
Cyborg 009 (2nd Series)2013
Cyborg 009: Chapter 0002013
Cyclops (Archaia)2010
Dark Crystal, The: Age of Resistance2019-2020
Dark Crystal, The: Creation Myths (Jim Henson’s…)2011
Days Missing2009
Days Missing: Kestus2010-2011
Devil’s Handshake, The2009
Engineer, The2007-2008
Feeding Ground2010
Fraggle Rock2010
Fraggle Rock (Vol. 2)2010
Fraggle Rock (Jim Henson’s…): Journey to the Everspring2014-2015
God Machine, The2009
Grand Duke2012
Grave Doug Freshley, The2009
Gunnerkrigg Court2008
Hawken: Genesis2013
Hawken: Melee2013
Hopeless Maine2012
Hybrid Bastards2007-2008
I’m Not A Plastic Bag2012
Inanna’s Tears2007, 2010
Iron: Or, the War After2012
Judge Bao2012
Killer, The2006–2009
Killer Modus Vivendi2010
Killing Pickman2007
Labyrinth 2017 Special (Jim Henson’s…)2017
Last Broadcast, The2014
Last Days of an Immortal2011
Long Count, The2007
Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury, The2008
Mr. Murder Is Dead2011
Moon Lake2010
Mouse Guard2006
Mouse Guard: Baldwin the Brave and Other Tales2014
Mouse Guard: Black Axe2010-2012
Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock Flip Book2010
Mouse Guard Labyrinth and Other Stories2012
Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard2010
Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard (Vol. 2)2013
Mouse Guard/Rust Flip Book2013
Mouse Guard/The Dark Crystal2011
Mouse Guard: Winter 11522007–2009
Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow, The (Jim Henson’s…)2014
Okko: The Cycle Of Air2010
Okko: The Cycle of Earth2008-2009
Okko: The Cycle of Fire2014
Okko: The Cycle of Water2006
Old City Blues2011
Pantalones, TX: Don’t Chicken Out2012
Pantalones, TX: Zombiñata2013
Power of the Dark Crystal, The2017
Reason for Dragons2013
Return of the Dapper Men2010
Robotika2005–2006, 2009
Robotika: For a Few Rubles More2007
Rust (Archaia)2011
Secret History, The2007–2008, 2010
Secret History, The: Games of Chance2011
Sigh, The2011
Sisterhood, The2008
Skrumps, The2011
Some New Kind of Slaughter2007–2008
Sons Of El Topo, The2018
Space: 1999: Aftershock and Awe2012
Starkweather: Immortal2007
Storyteller, The2011
Storyteller, The: Witches2014
Strange Attractors (Archaia)2013
Tale of Sand, A2011
Tales of the Macabre (Archaia)2011
Thrilling Adventure Hour, The2013
Titanium Rain2008-2009
Where’s My Shoggoth?2012