Titles published by Aspen

TitleYears Published
Adventure of the Peerless Peer, The1974, 1976
Adventures of Aspen Mascots, The2018
Adventures of the Aspen Universe2016
All New Executive Assistant: Iris2013
All New Executive Assistant: Iris: Enemies Among Us2016
All New Fathom (Michael Turner’s…)2017
All New Soulfire (Michael Turner’s…)2017
Artifact One2018-2019
Art of Lola XOXO, The2016
Aspen Legacy: 15th Anniversary2018
Aspen Mascots2019
Aspen Mascots and the Portals of Doom2019
Aspen Presents: The Adventures of Psycho Bonkers2015
Aspen Seasons: Fall 20052005
Aspen Seasons: Spring 20052005
Aspen Seasons: Summer 20062006
Aspen Seasons: Winter 20092009
Aspen Showcase: Aspen Matthews2008
Aspen Showcase: Benoist2008
Aspen Showcase: Ember2009
Aspen Showcase: Executive Assistant Rose2010
Aspen Showcase: Grace2008
Aspen Showcase: Kiani2009
Aspen Sketchbook2003
Aspen Splash: 2006 Swimsuit Spectacular2006
Aspen Splash: 2007 Swimsuit Spectacular2007
Aspen Splash: 2008 Swimsuit Spectacular2008
Aspen Splash: 2009 Swimsuit Spectacular2009
Aspen Splash: 2010 Swimsuit Spectacular2010
Aspen Splash: 2013 Swimsuit Spectacular2013
Aspen Splash: 2018 Swimsuit Spectacular2018
Aspen: The Year Ahead 20192019
Aspen Universe: Decimation2017
Aspen Universe: Revelations2016
Aspen Universe: Sourcebook2016
Aspen Visions: Executive Assistant: Iris: The Midst of Chaos2019
Aspen Visions: Fathom: Spinning Our Fate2019
Aspen Visions: Soulfire: Heart of Eternity2019
Awaken Skies2018
Broken Pieces (Vol. 1)2011
Bubblegun (Vol. 1)2013-2014
Bubblegun (Vol. 2)2017
Cannon: Dawn of War (Michael Turner’s…)2004
Charismagic (Vol. 2)2013
Charismagic (Vol. 3)2018
Charismagic Primer2018
Charismagic: The Death Princess2012
Choose Your Own Aspen Adventure2017
Critter (Aspen)2015
Damsels In Excess2014-2015
Dead Man’s Run2012-2013
Dellec (Vol. 2)2018
Dellec: Beginnings2009
Dellec Primer2018
Dissension: War Enteral2018-2019
Ekos Preview2003
Eternal Soulfire2015-2016
Executive Assistant: Assassins (Vol. 1)2012-Present
Executive Assistant: Iris2009-2010
Executive Assistant: Iris (Vol. 2)2011
Executive Assistant: Iris (Vol. 3)2012
Executive Assistant: Iris (Vol. 5)2018
Executive Assistant: Iris Coloring Book2016
Executive Assistant: Iris: Enemies Among Us2016
Executive Assistant: Iris Primer2018
Executive Assistant: Iris: Sourcebook2016
Executive Assistant: Lotus2011
Executive Assistant: Orchid2011
Executive Assistant: Violet2011
Fathom (4th Series)2005-2006, 2008
Fathom (5th Series)2008-2010
Fathom (6th Series)2011
Fathom (7th Series)2013-2014
Fathom (8th Series)2018-2019
Fathom (10th Series)2020
Fathom (9th Series)2019
Fathom (Michael Turner’s…): Sourcebook2014
Fathom (Michael Turner’s…): The Adventures of Ernie2014
Fathom (Michael Turner’s…): The Elite Saga2013
Fathom: Beginnings2005
Fathom: Beginnings (Michael Turner’s…)2003
Fathom Blue2015
Fathom: Blue Descent2010-2012
Fathom: Cannon Hawke (Michael Turner’s…)2004
Fathom: Cannon Hawke: Beginnings (Michael Turner’s…)2003
Fathom Coloring Book2016
Fathom: Dawn of War (Michael Turner’s…)2004
Fathom: Dawn of War/Cannon Hawke2004
Fathom: Kiani (Vol. 2)2012
Fathom Kiani (Vol. 3)2014
Fathom: Kiani (Vol. 4)2015
Fathom: Kiani (Michael Turner’s…)2007
Fathom: Killian’s Vessel (Michael Turner’s…)2007
Fathom Prelude (Michael Turner’s…)2005
Fathom Primer2011
Four Points, The2015-2016
Haunted City2011
Homecoming (Aspen)2012-2013
Iron and the Maiden2007
Iron and the Maiden: Brutes, Bims and the City2008
Jirni (Vol. 1)2013
Jirni (Vol. 2)2014
Jirni (3rd Series)2015
Jirni (4th Series)2018
Jirni Primer2018
Lady Mechanika2010, 2014
Legend Of Oz: The Wicked West (3rd Series)2015-2016
Legend of the Shadowclan2013
Legends Of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah2016
Lola XOXO2014
Lola XOXO (Vol. 2)2016-2018
Lola XOXO (Vol. 3)2019
Lola XOXO: Wasteland Madam2015
Lost Spark, The: Masks and Monsters2016
Michael Turner Art Edition2016
Michael Turner Art Edition: The Best of Michael Turner2020
Michael Turner Legacy2018
Michael Turner Presents: Aspen2003
Michael Turner Presents: Aspen The Extended Edition2004
Michael Turner Sketchbook 
Michael Turner Tribute 
No World2017
Nu Way2018-2019
Oniba: Swords Of The Demon2015-2016
Overtaken2013, 2014, 2018
Portal Bound2018
Psycho Bonkers2015
Santeria: The Goddess Kiss2016
Scourge, The2010-2011
Shahrazad (2nd Series)2015
Shrugged (Vol. 2)2012-2013
Shrugged (Vol. 3)2018
Shrugged: Beginnings2006
Shrugged Primer2018
Soulfire (Michael Turner’s…)2004-2006, 2009
Soulfire (Michael Turner’s…,Vol. 2)2009-2011
Soulfire (Michael Turner’s…,Vol. 3)2011
Soulfire (Michael Turner’s…,Vol. 4)2012-2013
Soulfire (Michael Turner’s…,Vol. 5)2013
Soulfire (Michael Turner’s…,Vol. 7)2018
Soulfire (Michael Turner’s…,Vol. 8)2019
Soulfire Beginnings (Michael Turner’s…)2003
Soulfire: Chaos Reign2006
Soulfire: Chaos Reign: Beginnings2006
Soulfire Coloring Book2016
Soulfire Despair (Michael Turner’s…)2012
Soulfire: Dying of the Light (Michael Turner’s…)2005
Soulfire: Exiled2020
Soulfire: Faith (Michael Turner’s…)2012
Soulfire Genesis (Michael Turner’s…, Vol. 1)2013
Soulfire Grace (Michael Turner’s…)2012
Soulfire: Hope2012
Soulfire: New World Order (Michael Turner’s…)2007, 2009
Soulfire: New World Order: Beginnings (Michael Turner’s…)2009
Soulfire Power (Michael Turner’s…)2012
Soulfire Preview2003
Soulfire Primer2012
Soulfire: Shadow Magic (Michael Turner’s…)2008-2009
Soulfire/Shrugged Preview (Michael Turner’s…)2006
Soulfire Sourcebook (Michael Turner’s…)2015
Soulfire The Collected Edition (Michael Turner’s…)2005
Tribute to Michael Turner, A2008
Trish Out of Water (Vol. 1)2013
Worlds of Aspen2006-2010
Zoohunters, The (Vol. 1)2014-2015