Titles published by Digital Manga

TitleYears Published
9th Sleep2010
About Love2011
Ai no Kusabi2007–2008
Alice the 101st2010
Almost Crying2006
Alone in my King’s Harem2005
Ambiguous Relationship2012
Angelic Runes2009, 2011
Antique Bakery2005
Apple and Honey2014
As Many As There Are Stars2016
Awaken Forest2009
Bad Teacher’s Equation2011
Bambi and her Pink Gun2005
Beast & Feast2012
Beautiful Skies of Houou High, The2011
Beyond My Touch2005
Bloody Kiss Tonight2010
Blue Sheep Reverie2009
Boys Love2009
Brilliant Blue2009
Butterfly of the Distant Day2011
Café Kichijouji De2005-2006
Cafe Latte Rhapsody2010
Captain Ken2015
Castle Mango2012
Ciao Ciao Bambino2009
Clan of the Nakagamis 
Clear Skies2008
Close the Last Door2006-2011
Cold Fever2010
Cold Light2010
Countdown 7 Days2012
Crimson Cross2010
CUT (Digital Manga)2009
Dark Walker2008
Dawn of Love, The2008
Day of Revolution, The2006
Deflower the Boss2014
Depression of the Anti Romanticist2012
Desire Dangerous Feelings 
Desire Sensibility2010
Devil Inside2009
Does The Flower Blossom?2014-2016
Double Cast2010
Double Trouble (Digital Manga)2009
Dry Heat2008
Eat or Be Eaten2009
Edu-Manga: Einstein 
Edu-Manga: Helen Adams Keller2005
Edu-Manga: Ludwig Van Beethoven2006
Electric Hands2009
Enchanter (Digital Manga)2006–2008
Endless Comfort2010
Even More Beautiful Lie, An2011
Fafner: Dead Aggressor2010
Fevered Kiss2009
Finder (Digital Manga)2010-2012
Flower of Life2007-2009
Garden Dreams2007
Garden Sky2010
Gatto Sul, Il2006
Gentleman’s Agreement Between a Rabbit and a Wolf2012
Gentleman’s Kiss, A2008
Gloom Party2006
Good Morning2012
Great Place High School2009
Guilty, The (Digital Manga)2008-2009
Happy Boys2009
Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat, The2012
Hero Heel2006, 2008
Hey Sensei2009
Honey Chocolate2010
Honey Smile2012
Hot Limit2008
How To Capture A Martini2010
How To Control A Sidecar2010
Ikebukuro West Gate Park2004-2005
Intense Rain2010
In The Walnut2010
Intriguing Secrets2009
Itazura na Kiss2009
I’ve Seen It All2012
I Want To Bite2010
IWGP—Ikebukuro West Gate Park (Digital Manga)2011
Jazz (DMP)2005
Juicy Cider2013
Junior Escort2008
Kabuki (Digital Manga)2008-Present
Kimi Shiruya—Dost Thou Know?2005
Kiss Blue2008, 2010
Kurashina Sensei’s Passion2010
Let’s Draw Manga: Fantasy 
Let’s Draw Manga: Ninja & Samurai2004
Let’s Draw Manga: Using Color2005
Lies Are A Gentlemans Manners2013
Live For Love 
Living For Tomorrow2009
Lonely Egotist2009
Love Bus Stop2007
Love/Knot (Digital Manga) 
Love Makes Everything Right2012
Love Potion2010
Love Syndrome2011
Love to Lie Angle2017
Love Water2010
Loving Gaze2008
Ludwig II2009
Maiden Rose2010
Mamiya Doll House2010
Manhattan Love Story2009
Man I Picked Up2012
Men Of Tattoos2011
Midnight Bloom2010
Millennium Prime Minister2009
Mr. Convenience2011
Mr. Mini Mart2013
Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf2011
Moon & Blood2011
Moon & Sandals2011
Moonlit Promises2010
My Bad2010
My Only King—Boku Dakeno Ousama2006
Mysterious Love2010
New Season of Young Leaves, A2014
Ninth Life Love2012
No One Loves Me2010
No Panties, No Problem2017
No Touching At All2010
Object Of My Affection2010
One Night Lesson2008
Only Serious About You2011
Only the Ring Finger Knows2004
Open the Door To Your Heart2010
Otodama: Voice From the Dead2010
Our Everlasting2005
Our King — Arabian Knights2009
Our Kingdom2005
Place in the Sun2010
Priceless Honey2013
Prince Charming2008
Princess Ninja Scroll Tenka Muso2005
Princess Princess2007
Princess Princess Plus2009
Private Teacher2011
Project X: The Challengers2006
Pure Heart 
Rabbit Man, Tiger Man2011
Red (Digital Manga)2011
Renai Sousa: Love Control2008-Present
Return of the Prince2017
Right Here Right Now2009
Same Cell Organism2006
Samejima Kun & Sasahara Kun2012
Satanica, La2009
Sea View2009
Secrecy of the Shivering Night2011
Secretary’s Job2012
Secret Devil-chan, The2016
Secret Thorns2012
Selfish Demon King, The2010
Selfish Mr. Mermaid2008-2009
Seven Days2010-2011
Shards of Affection2009
Sky Link2011
Sleepless Nights2012
Spiral of Sand2010
Starry Sky2012
Start With A Happy Ending2012
Stay Close To Me2010
Storm Flower2011
Strange and Mystifying Story, A2008-2011
Suggestive Eyes2009
Sweet Regard2011
Sweet Revolution—Binetsukakumei2006
Taimashin: The Red Spider Excorcist2010
Takasugi -san’s Obento2013
Tale of a White Night2010
Teach Me Tutor2020
Temperature Rising2008
Then Comes Love2011
Thirsty For Love—Koi No Kawaki2008
Time Lag2006
Tricky Prince2009
Triton of the Sea2013
Twilight of the Dark Master2005
Twittering Birds Never Fly2014
Tyrant Falls In Love, The2010
Tyrant Who Falls In Love, The2010
Utahime: The Songstress2009
Vampire Hunter D (Hideyuki Kikuchi’s…)2007-Present
Warning Whispers of Love2011
Way To Heaven 
When the Heavens Smile2010
Where Has Love Gone?2009
White Brand2009
Wild Honey2013
Wolf God2010
Wolf Magic2014
Wonder 32020
Yakuza Cafe2011
Yellow II2009
Yokan Premonition2010
Your Love Sickness2010
Your Story I’ve Known2011