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Perry D. Plush  (ZanaduComics)

Air Marshal

Avg. Rating: 4.9
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About Me

Zanadu Comics: After 42 Years of selling great comics and entertainment I have closed my store located in Seattle, Washington. I will now be selling out of my warehouses and continue to take great care in packing and promise to get your books out the next day. We are still in the process of putting two warehouses inventories and databases of comics into Atomic Avenue. We are bound to have mistakes and can only ask for your understanding. Any questions do not hesitate to call us.
Perry D Plush
Zanadu Comics Inc 2366 EASTLAKE AVE E SUITE 223 Seattle, WA 98102-6500

Recent Feedback

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12/11/2018107998 hondobrode
Exactly as described. Received the order quickly and very well packaged. Will probably be ordering again. Thanks Perry !
12/11/2018108101 RMulholland
Awesome books, very fair pricing. Highly Recommended!
12/11/2018107993 Shuley76
12/9/2018101447 admandreaming
Super seller!
12/9/2018106808 admandreaming
Bravo! Another excellent order! Top notch
12/8/2018107977 fourstar77
Another great order from Perry. Some fun books. Thanks!!
12/7/2018107114 admandreaming
Excellent. Will buy again!
12/7/2018106175 admandreaming
Excellent. Will buy again!
12/7/2018106284 admandreaming
Excellent. Will buy again!
12/7/2018107958 admandreaming
Excellent. Will buy again & again!