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Perry D. Plush  (ZanaduComics)

Air Marshal

Avg. Rating: 4.9
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About Me

Zanadu Comics: Down to one store located in Seattle, Washington. 40 Years of selling great comics and entertainment. I take great care in packing and promise to get your books out the next day. We are in the process of putting two store’s inventories and two databases of comics into Atomic Avenue. We are bound to have mistakes and can only ask for your understanding. Any questions do not hesitate to call us. Perry D Plush
Zanadu Comics Inc 1923 3rd Ave Seattle, WA 98101-1104

Recent Feedback

DateOrder #RatingBuyerComments
6/23/201796044 CampbellComica
Amazing again.
6/23/201796091 blktoyota98
Great seller
6/22/201795841 MiguelAlfaro
6/19/201795887 SReis
6/17/201795895 Eisai
Excellent, very fast shipping. A pleasure doing business with.
6/17/201795521 fourstar77
Perry gives great customer service and cares about the comics and customers he serves. Thanks.
6/15/201795863 CampbellComica
Just perfect. First time buying on atomic avenue and am very pleased.
6/14/201795840 MiguelAlfaro
6/13/201795479 scovis66
Great Books. Thanks
6/10/201795678 Elven_Johnny
Another great order, as always. I will be back soon.