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About Me

My first comic book was Scooby Doo (Gold Key) #8, and I was hooked! I’m not a professional seller, I’m a hobbyist looking to clear out a little bit of room.  (Well, OK, maybe more than just "a little bit"!)  

I’ve been selling comics online since 2000.  After taking a break from selling during all of 2020 and most of 2021, I am back and I am re-posting my inventory on Atomic Avenue.  Roughly one-third of my inventory is currently posted, and you can expect to see more items posting to my store during December.  

As of 11/25/2021, 100 of my Atomic Avenue sales have been rated by the buyer.  Ninety-six of these were rated as "5" and the other four as "4".  
If you have questions about any of my inventory, feel free to drop me an email!  (Be sure to put "Atomic Avenue" in your message header!)

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