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Jet City Comics

Don Veach  (donner5)

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About Me

Hello everyone! Let me start by saying most of my books haven’t seen the light of day in years so the condition stated may need to be changed but there is no way I can do that and work full time so I would like to ask that if you are interested in a particular book go ahead and ask and I will find the book and if it needs to be regraded, I will do so and let you know. I try to be fair and accurate when I grade and I want my customers to be happy too. I hope this will work for both myself and the buyer. It will allow me to keep my collection up and available. Thanks for your support. Now a little about myself. I started collecting comics in the mid 1970’s and am still collecting them today. Over 35 years and I still love comics! I am the original owner for most of my comics from the mid mid 70's thru today's comics. I still remember discovering my first comic book store in Seattle, Washington called Golden Age Collectibles. I spent hours in there looking at all the new comics on the racks and the massive back issue bins. Before there were comic book shops in large numbers, I would walk down to my local dime store and wait for the magazine delivery guy to drop off the comics!! Then when I got a little older the weeks just couldn’t get here fast enough for me, so I could get down to my local comic book store and take in all the beauty that was awaiting me on the giant wall of new comics. Over the years I have had the honor of reading many comics by all the great writers and illustrators, past and present. I hope to continue to do so. Thanks for taking a look at my store.

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Beautiful book. Thank you
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Smooth transaction, thanks for the top notch service.
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excellent customer service!
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Great experience...quick shipping...great packaging...
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Book in excellent condition as described. Fast and secure shipping. Thanks!!
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