Storylines containing “Buddy Cops”

14Dark Horse Presents (2nd Series)Aliens: Inhuman Condition, Part 3; Finder: Third World, Part 12; Ghost: Resurrection Mary, Part 2; Mister X: Hard Candy, Part 3; Falling Skies: Luck; Concrete Park, Part 4; Hellboy Vs. The Sabertooth Vampire; Nexus: Infestation; Riven, Part 1; Radio Ga Ga; Spooky Tales of Yikes! and Time for a Serious Conversation; Wild Rover, Part 1; Buddy Cops, Part 1; A Spy Dream; Love Hurts
16Dark Horse Presents (2nd Series)Crime Does Not Pay Presents City of Roses, Part 1; Aliens: Inhuman Condition, Part 5; The Girl With the Keyhole Eyes, Part 2; Deap Sea, Part 1; Finder: Third World, Part 14; Concrete Park, Part 6; Edgar Allen Poe’s Berenice; Buddy Cops, Part 3; Riven, Part 3; Dead Air
15Dark Horse Presents (2nd Series)Wild Rover, Part 2; Ghost: Resurrection Mary, Part 3; Finder: Third World, Part 13; The Girl With the Keyhole Eyes, Part 1; Concrete Park, Part 5; Aliens: Inhuman Condition, Part 4; Riven, Part 2; Rex Mundi: A Lurker in the Temple; Buddy Cops, Part 2; Nexus: The Insect Under the Stone; Love Hurts; Ride of the Sabertooth Vampire