Storylines containing “Captain Atom”

6Who’s Who in the DC UniverseAdam Strange; Ayla Ranzz; Bolt; Captain Atom; Conglomerate; Copperhead; Crazy Jane; Dolphin; Dove; Floro; Gangbuster; Glorious Godfrey & Amazing Grace; Hawkman; Huntress; Kanjar Ro; Mister Bones; Mister Nebula & Scarlet Skier; Northwind; Power Girl; Royal Flush Gang; Sarge Steel; Snapper Carr; Vi; Wildcat II; Poster of Fortress of Solitude
1Who’s Who Update ’87All-Star Squadron; Amazing Grace; Amethyst; Ares; Arisia; Artemis; Atmos; Axis America; Bad Samaritan; Baron Tyrano; Batgirl; Batman; Belle Reve; Bizarro; Black Adam; Blackguard; Black Mace; Bloodsport; Blue Beetle II; Booster Gold; Brimstone; Captain Atom
627Action ComicsAnd Now...Captain Atom; A Bird in the Hand…; Knock ’em Dead, Part 4; Panic in the Sands!; Rocks and Hard Places, Part 1; Travels; Rocks and Hard Places, Part 2; Distractions
68DC Comics Super Hero CollectionCaptain Atom
2Gwandanaland ComicsCaptain Atom
79Captain Atom (Charlton)Captain Atom Faces Doctor Spectro; The Dreadful Dream of Daniel Drelly (text); Moon-Run!
80Captain Atom (Charlton)Captain Atom: Death Knell of the World; Alpine Avalanche (text); Our Planet Earth
26Captain Atom (DC)Captain Atom: Exposed!
88Captain Atom (Charlton)Captain Atom: Ravage of Ronthor; Nightshade: Poetry of Peril!
87Captain Atom (Charlton)Captain Atom: The Menace Of The Fiery-Icer; Nightshade: The Image’s Idyl
89Captain Atom (Charlton)Captain Atom: Thirteen; Nightshade: Masque of Mirrors
82Captain Atom (Charlton)Captain Atom: vs. the Ghost; Favorite Throws
880Action ComicsCodename: Patriot, Part 2; Lethal Force; Captain Atom, Part 2
883Action ComicsDivine Spark, Part 1; Captain Atom, Part 5
884Action ComicsDivine Spark, Part 2; Captain Atom, Part 6
885Action ComicsDivine Spark, Part 3; Captain Atom, Part 7
886Action ComicsDivine Spark, Part 4; Captain Atom, Part 8
53ThunderboltEnter…The Tong; Captain Atom’s Secret
75Strange Suspense StoriesIntroducing Captain Atom; The Magic Box (text piece); The Ghost of Amy Rector; Captain Atom on Planet X; The Second Man in Space; Out of This World
30Hero, The (Ditko)Introducing Captain Atom; Void, The; Corrector!; Captain Atom: An Ageless Weapon; Under the Gun; Hero, The; Captain Atom Created by Joe Gill; First Choice; Everyone
4Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC UniverseThe Cadre; Cain; Calculator; Calendar Man; Camelot 3000; Captain Atom; Captain Boomerang; Captain Carrot; Captain Cold; Captain Comet; Captain Compass; Captain Fear; Captain Marvel Jr.; Captain Nazi; Capt. Storm; Cat-Man; CatwomanI; Catwoman II; Cavalier
33Space AdventuresThe Galactic Scourge; Introducing Captain Atom; Venture in Ventura (text); The Captive World
881Action ComicsThe Hunt for Reactron, Part 1; Captain Atom, Part 3
882Action ComicsThe Hunt for Reactron, Part 3; Captain Atom, Part 4
879Action ComicsThe Sleepers, Part 5; Captain Atom, Part 1; We Who Are About To Die…
36Space AdventuresThe Wreck of X-44; The Galactic Souvenir; Penetro (text); The Omipotent Robot; Captain Atom on Planet X
887Action ComicsTruth to Power, Part 1; Captain Atom, Part 9; Flash: Case One: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues
888Action ComicsTruth to Power, Part 2; Captain Atom, Part 10
889Action ComicsTruth to Power, Part 3; Captain Atom, Part 11