Storylines containing “Deadline”

448Battle Picture LibraryBattle Deadline
32Marvel Comics PresentsBlack Panther: Panther’s Quest, Part 20; Great Cat in the City of Gold; Coldblood: Rise and Shine, Part 7; Grand Central Station; Excalibur: Having a Wild Weekend, Part 2; Dark Shadows; Sunfire: The Dreaded Deadline Doom
2Who’s Who in the DC UniverseBooster Gold; Captain Boomerang; Changling; Deadline; Despero; Doctor Polaris; Flamebird; Flash; Hawkworld; I…Vampire; Katana; King Faraday; Laurel Gand; Maxima; Maxwell Lord; Metamorpho; Metron; Mordru; Mother Box; Mudpack; Naiad; Newsboy Legion; Secret Six; Starman
2Splat!Cartoon Man’s Best Friend; Steroids; The Amazons; Dead-End Job; Characters From Everyday Life; Help for the Dyslexic; Maxwell the Magic Cat; Deadlines; Danger Dan; Growing up Weird; Donald Dogfly
639Battle Picture LibraryD-day Deadline
33Battle Picture Library (2nd Series)D-day Deadline
Bk 5Batgirl (4th Series)Deadline
Bk 5/HCBatgirl (4th Series)Deadline
3Daily BugleDeadline
Bk 1Deadline (Marvel)Deadline
5Deadman: Dead AgainDeadline
9Green Hornet, The (Vol. 2)Deadline
16Outlaw Nation (Vertigo)Deadline
19Valor (DC)Deadline
105Prize Comics WesternDeadline at Bountiful Basin; Ghief Gall; Massacre at Blue Creek
93Battle Picture LibraryDeadline At Dawn
812Battle Picture LibraryDeadline At Dawn
81Battle Picture Library (2nd Series)Deadline At Dawn
15Starman (1st Series)Deadline Doom!
83Air Ace Picture LibraryDeadline Heroes
915Battle Picture LibraryDeadline Heroes
17Ringo Kid Western, TheDeadline in Caribou; One Hour Truce; The Racing Herds (text); The Payoff; Challenge in the Night
143Spectacular Spider-Man, TheDeadline in Dallas
9Adventures of Alan Ladd, TheDeadline in Rabela!; Honey in Hollywood: Assistant to the Make-Up Man; The Making of a Hero!; Shorty: Umbrella Sale; The Ojibwa Freeze!; Untold Tales of Hollywood: Hello, Mr. Cheeps!; Lines by Ladd (text); Honey in Hollywood: Script Girl; The Island of No Return!
10GangbustersDeadline in the Morgue; Fourth Offender; The Gambler’s Chance!; Penny Larceny; Five Hours to Kill!; The Grapevine (text)
2Ferret, The (2nd Series)Deadline Medix
2/AFerret, The (2nd Series)Deadline Medix
Anl 2Green Hornet (Dynamite)Deadline Pressure; Murder In the Offing
152Superman (2nd Series)Deadline U.S.A.
164Amazing Spider-Man, TheDeadline!
5X-Treme X-MenDeadline!
5/AX-Treme X-MenDeadline!
1Deadline (Marvel)Deadline, Part 1
10Ms. TreeDeadline, Part 1; Black and White and Red All Over; Long and the Short of Death; 30 is a Deadly Age, Sidney
32Batgirl (4th Series)Deadline, Part 1; The Razors Under the Floorboards
32/ABatgirl (4th Series)Deadline, Part 1; The Razors Under the Floorboards
2Deadline (Marvel)Deadline, Part 2
3Deadline (Marvel)Deadline, Part 3
11Ms. TreeDeadline, Part 3; Dancing in the Dark; See No Evil…; Tag! You’re It…
4Deadline (Marvel)Deadline, Part 4
12Ms. TreeDeadline, Part 6; That Was No Lady-That Was My Life!; Wertham Was Right; Blue Friday
13Ms. TreeDeadline, Part 7; Sex and the Singles Slasher; You Only Die Once; Jigsaw
3E.C. Classic ReprintsDeadline, The Monkey, The Kidnapper, Fall Guy
0Open SpaceDeadline; Alex Ross’ Deadline Sketchbook
0/GFOpen SpaceDeadline; Alex Ross’ Deadline Sketchbook
22Men’s AdventuresDeadline; All Roads Day (text); Beware of the Chair; The Mark of the Witch; Stranger on a Bridge
4Paris the Man of PlasterDeadline; Captain Maroon; War; Abandon the Pursuit of Happiness
12Shock SuspenStories (E.C.)Deadline; The Monkey; Last Laugh (text); The Kidnapper; Fall Guy
12Shock SuspenStories (RCP)Deadline; The Monkey; Last Laugh (text); The Kidnapper; Fall Guy
11Western ComicsDeadlines and Danger; The Terror at Tumble-Down Ranch; The Indian Sign; Return from the Owlhoot Trail
9Aquaman (5th Series)Dreaded Deadline Doom
13Ringo Kid, TheDuel By Sundown; Challenge in the Night; Man with a Gun; Deadline in Caribou
1Eerie AdventuresFamous American Ghosts; The Vampires from Venus!; The Grim Reaper; The Fountain of Youth! (text); The Perfect Hideout!; Deadline for Death!; Preview of Death; From Beyond the Grave
FCBD 1Fearless Dawn/Asylum Press SamplerFearless Dawn: The Belly of the Beast; Warlash: Enter the Bladeviper; Black Powder Preview; Farmhouse; Eeek!; Deadline of Death; Easy Prey; What’s Down in the Basement, Horace Greely?; Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis; Undead Evil
957Battle Picture LibraryFrontline Deadline
1Full Force Manga! from Square EnixFull Metal Alchemist; O-Parts Hunter; Enchanter; E’S; Kamui; Aquarian Age—Juvenile Orion; He is My Master; I, Otaku: Struggle in Akihabara; Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning; Zombie-Loan; Black God; Alice on Deadlines
2Sniper & RookHeadlines and Deadlines
2-2Sniper & RookHeadlines and Deadlines
2-3Sniper & RookHeadlines and Deadlines
25Starman (1st Series)Impending Deadline!
1Capt. Hazzard MagazineIntroducting Capt. Hazzard (text); Python Men of Lost City (text); Boomerang Bluff (text); Sky-High Outcast (text); The Devil’s Deadline (text)
1DCU Halloween SpecialIntroduction; Deadline: Halloween; Fear of thr Dark; The Ballad of Jonathan Crane; The Embrace; One Last Halloween; Hell Hath No Fury; Scarred and Scared; 67-72 - The Elongated Halloween; Role Model
260Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol. 4)Judge Dredd: Night School; Interrogation of Carl Critchlow; A History of Horror Comics, Part 2; Grand Guignol in the UK; Anderson PSI Division: Big Robots, Part 4; The Second British Invasion; Judge Dredd: Blood Satanus III The Tenth Circle; Hungry Jacko; A World Without Deadlines; Freak Show: The Quiet Man; The God Fish; Summer Shivers; The Angel Gang: Before They Wuz Dead, Part 3
261Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol. 4)Judge Dredd: Night School; Interrogation of Carl Critchlow; A History of Horror Comics, Part 2; Grand Guignol in the UK; Anderson PSI Division: Big Robots, Part 4; The Second British Invasion; Judge Dredd: Blood Satanus III The Tenth Circle; Hungry Jacko; A World Without Deadlines; Freak Show: The Quiet Man; The God Fish; Summer Shivers; The Angel Gang: Before They Wuz Dead, Part 3
1/AWild Western RoundupKid Cowboy: Return of the Sagebrush Napoleon; Singing Cowboy: Six Gun Deadline; Have You Heard This One? (prose humor); Cowboy Chuckles (humor); Gag Bag (jokes); The Lone Vigilante: Graveyard Gulch!; Kid Cowboy: Outcasts of the Range
1Comic Eye, TheLittle Freddy; Deadlines; The Jam; Duke Wellington; It’s All in Your Head; A Comic Life; The Planner; Kalabogie Jake; Writer vs Artist; Li’l Jimmy; Will Eisner’s The Spirit; Junkie; Claw .45; Comix Eye; Spring Cleaning; Lost Signing; Tales of a Comic Nerd; Focus; Will Elder; Fred ‘N’ Marvin; The Spark; Not School Work; The Fly, The Jaguar, and Me; 1964-2007; Wanted; My, Myself and I; Trip to a Shrink; The Pall Bearers Casket; Telling Stories; One Fine Day at the Snail; Funny Books WIll Rot Your Mind; Richard Comely; Horror Hijinx; Fusion; Where Are They Now; Board of Superheroes; Pizzazz; 1981; Sea Urchins; Creative Quandry; Flight of Fancy; Feast of Famine; World’s Greatest; Crime Does Not Pay; Frazetta; Burn Evil Comics Burn; Comic Book Addict; Narb Burlein
21Girls’ Love StoriesLoves Of My Life; Deadline For Happiness; The Man I Wanted!; Cupid’s Revenge (text); Linda and Larry; Farewell To Love!
18WarriorMarvelman, Part 16; I Heard Woodrow Wilson’s Guns…; Sorry I Missed The Deadline But… Mt Budgie Got Sucked Up The Hooove: Sweatshop Talk Vi; Garry Leach on line art technique; Father Shandor, Demon Stalker, Part 14; A Day in the Life… A Day in the Death; V For Vendetta, Part 17; Zee-Zee’s Terror Zone; The Demon at the Gates of Dawn; One Man’s Meat
95Doom Patrol, The (1st Series)Menace of the Turnabout Heroes; Return of the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man; Deadline for the Doom Patrol
3Blurred VisionMoon #3; Love; Pasha Noise; Walking-Around Zombie; The Post Acocalyptic Tattoo; A Dog and His Elephant, Part 2; You Asked Me About Barbara; Shadowhouse—A Child’s House; Pears; Occurence @ Owl Creek Deadline; Uncertainty Principle; Apple; Bald Men; You Make Me Feel So Real; Adventures of the Right Hand; The Single Songs of Schizotopia—An Anthology of Lower Utopia; Captain Angry White; Know Thy Self
2A1 (Vol. 2)Pawn Shop; Deadline; The Castafiore Affair; Saccharine Fools; King Leon, Part 1; Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple, Part 2
40Giant War Picture LibraryPoint Of Impact; Fighter Ace; Danger Deadline
30True Bride-To-Be RomancesSomething In Common; Forget Me Not; Deadline For Love; Forbidden Romance
28Spirit, The (Magazine)Sphinx and Satin; Professor Pinx; Survivor; Deadline; Return From the Moon w/ Wally Wood; The Martian; Unpublished Spirit by Jules Feiffer and Klaus Nordling; also an interview with Gil Kane
41Big TownSteve Wilson’s Last Deadline; Mystery of the Invisible Mansion; Convict at Large; The Big Dance (text)
86Punisher, The (2nd Series)Suicide Run, Part 3; Deadline
6JourneyThe Autumn Dance of Pere Winter; Deadline!
5Batman: The Dark Knight ArchivesThe Batman’s Biographer; The Penguin Goes A-Hunting; Rogues’ Pageant; Adventure of the Vitamin Vandals; The Secret of Hunter’s Inn; Robin Studies His Lessons; The Good Samaritan Cops; The Crime Surgeon; Batman Makes a Deadline; Atlantis Goes to War; The Case of the Timid Lion; Collector of Millionaires; The Centuries of Crime; The Trial of Titus Keyes; The Lawmen of the Sea; Bruce Wayne Loses Guardianship of Dick Grayson
1Adventures of Alan Ladd, TheThe Damascus Diamond; The Guns of Smoke Valley; From Ditches to Riches: The Legend of Ladd; Chicago Deadline; A Hollywood Writer; The Boy-Treasure Hunter
3Realistic RomancesThe Dream Next Door; Deadline for Love; Promotions for Harry; Too Great a Temptation
52Spider-ManThe Exile Returns, Part 2; Deadline
201Detective ComicsThe Human Target; The Riddle of the Unseen Man; Safety-First Robot; Deadline in Red Deer Valley
71Shadow ComicsThe Riddle of the Black Pagoda; The Strange Case of Professor Gerdthart; Six Coffins—All Full; Chick Carter’s Deadline (text); Desd End; The Subway Ghost
Anl 3Shock SuspenStories (RCP)The Tryst; In Gratitude…; Deadbeat (text); The Space Suitors; …Three’s a Crowd; Deadline; The Monkey; Last Laugh (text); The Kidnapper; Fall Guy; Only Skin-Deep; Blood-Brothers; Proposal (text); Upon Reflection; Squeeze Play; The Orphan; The Whipping; Blunderer (text); You, Murderer; As Ye Sow…
5Spirit: The Origin YearsThe Wildwood News; Working to deadline; The Mastermind Strikes!; The Spirit! Who is He?
1Yen Press Manga TeaserZombie-Loan; Black God; Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning; Alice on Deadlines