Storylines containing “Desolation”

266Avengers, The…And The War’s Desolation!
18Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (3rd Series)Apogee of Disaster, Part 4; Magnificent Desolation
1Green Lantern: Emerald AlliesBad Blood; Hard-Traveling Heroes: The Next Generation, Part 1; Family Tradition; Desolation Again; Re-Entry: Critical; Hard-Traveling Heroes, Part 4; Final Appeal; Hate Crimes, Part 1; The Fiery Furnace; Fanning The Fires; All The Colors Of Hate
130TomahawkDeathwatch At Desolation Valley; A Bullet For My Brother
Bk 8House of Mystery (2nd Series)Desolation
1Marshal: TranquilityDesolation
114X-Men (1st series)Desolation
114X-Men (UK Edition )Desolation
29X-O ManowarDesolation
239StarblazerDesolation City
1Gen13: Ordinary HeroesDesolation Row
36House of Mystery (2nd Series)Desolation, Part 1; The Laws of Motion
37House of Mystery (2nd Series)Desolation, Part 2; Significant Others; The Conjurer in Death In The City
38House of Mystery (2nd Series)Desolation, Part 3; Lost Advantages; Communion
39House of Mystery (2nd Series)Desolation, Part 4; Teetering Infinities
40House of Mystery (2nd Series)Desolation, Part 5; Omneity’s Negation
20Classic X-MenDesolation; Mother of the Bride
2Cartune LandFury of Desolation; Uncle Scourge; The One World; The Stone Meets The Raver; The Time Door; The Changeling Earth; The Girl and The Barbarian; The Origin of Stone
1Essential Ghost RiderGhost Rider; Angels From Hell!; Die, Die, My Daughter!; The Hordes of Hell!; The Snakes Crawl at Night…; The Coming Of…Witch-Woman!; Season of the Witch-Woman!; A Woman Possessed!; Shake Hands with Satan!; The Son of Satan!; Wheels On Fire; Death Stalks the Demolition Derby; And Vegas Writhes in Flame!; Zodiac II; And Lose HIs Own Soul!; Satan Himself!; The Hell-Bound Hero!; The Desolation Run!; Phantom of the Killer Skies; You’ve Got a Second Chance, Johnny Blaze!; Specter Stalks the Soundstage!; Vengeance on the Ventura Freeway!; Blood in the Waters; Prelude to a Private Armageddon!; The Salvation Run!; Resurrection; Where Is Karen Page?; Two Against Death!
221Our Army at WarHang-Up!; Battle Album: Moniter Merrimack; You’re in the Army—Now; The Butcher, The Baker… The Desolation Maker!
110Green ArrowHard-Traveling Heroes: The Next Generation, Part 2; Desolation Again
1Cartune LandIn Other Worlds; the Changeling Earth; Do Not Pull Rope; Children of the Desolation; The Biggest Game; The Stone; Decoys; On the Path to the Sea; The Machine; War with the Machines; Flight into the Desolation; Infinity Road; The Dream Horn
77Green Lantern (2nd Series)Journey to Desolation!
1Green Lantern/Green ArrowNo Evil Shall Escape My Sight!; Journey To Desolation!
17Wildcats (2nd Series)Serial Boxes, Part 4; Desolation Ward
1Green Lantern/Green Arrow (Paperback)SOS-Green Lantern; No Evil Shall Escape My Sight; Journey To Desolation
7Popeye (Idea + Design Works)The Beast of Desolation Gulch; The Cow of Tomorrow
7/APopeye (Idea + Design Works)The Beast of Desolation Gulch; The Cow of Tomorrow
5Rex Mundi (Vol.2)The Desolation
11Ghost Rider (Vol. 1)The Desolation Run
18Original Ghost Rider, TheThe Desolation Run!
112All-Star Western (1st Series)The Hand-Me-Down Badge; The Water Brigade of Fort Desolation; The Sheriff Without a Gun
82All-Star Western (1st Series)The Riddle of Rawhide River; Warrior of Two Worlds; The Fabulous Ride fo Portuguee Jack; The Spy from Fort Desolation; Smoke Signals over Mesa City
95All-Star Western (1st Series)The Riddle of the Reward Robber; Attack of the Gopher Gang; The Siege of Fort Desolation; Secret of the Silent Indians
103All-Star Western (1st Series)The Unknown Hero of Rocky City; Warning to Fort Desolation; Duel for the Chief’s Bonnet