Storylines containing “Dr. Fate”

313Flash, The (1st Series)3-Way Fight For The Super-Simian!; Dr. Fate: Crimson Testament
9Who’s Who in the DC UniverseBlack Canary; Blue Devil; Bronze Tiger; Chuck Taine; Dev-Em; Dirk Morgna; Dr. Fate; Firehawk; Gim Allon; Glorith; Hugo Strange; Kalibak; Kilowog; Legion; Luornu; Mysa; Rhea Jones; Roxxas; Shadow Thief; Tenzil Kem; Terminator; Universo; Vicki Vale; Vixen
311Flash, The (1st Series)Captives Of The Boom-Boom-Boomerang!; Dr. Fate: Rogue Gods
310Flash, The (1st Series)Colonel Computron Strikes Back-With A Vengeance; Dr. Fate: American Gothic
312Flash, The (1st Series)Dead Heat For A Scarlet Speedster; Dr. Fate: Blood on the Sun
60DC Comics Super Hero CollectionDr. Fate
9First Issue SpecialDr. Fate
1Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team-UpsFlash of Two Earths!; Double Danger on Earth!; Vengeance of the Immortal Villain!; Invader from the Dark Dimension!; Solomon Grundy Goes on a Rampage!; The Origins of Dr. Fate and Hourman; Perils of the Psycho-Pirate!; The Origin of the Psycho-Pirate; Secret Origin of the Guardians!; Mastermind of Menaces!; The Origin of Black Canary; Bonus Feature: The Hour Hourman Died!
96More Fun ComicsGreen Arrow: The Weather Prophet!; Nervy Joe: The Rains Came; Johnny Quick: T Watts, Miracle-man!; Dr. Fate: Forgotten Magic; Aquaman: Champion in War; Dover & Clover; The Man Who Had Too Much!; The Mirror (text); Spectre: Publicity Hound
309Flash, The (1st Series)How Do You Kill A Legend?; Dr. Fate: Tomorrow Is Forever
3DC Special Blue Ribbon DigestJustice Society of America: All Star Super Squad; Justice Society of America: Brainwave Blows Up!; Justice Society of America: 5 Drowned Men!; Dr. Fate: The Mummy That Time Forgot; Welcome to Earth Two
88More Fun ComicsMystery of the Mechanical Master; The Victim of Dr. Fate; The Man Who Chased the Rainbow; Enemy Advance (text); Tubby Watts, Hero; Crime Makes a Movie
307Flash, The (1st Series)Prey for the Piper; Dr. Fate: Twilight of the Fifth Sun
1Captain Marvel Presents The Terrible FiveProfessor Doom and His Organization B.I.R.D.; The Return of Atom-Jaw; Dr. Fate and the Missing Hand!; Elasticman and Tinyman; Elasticman Becomes James Goode
91More Fun ComicsSilks and Spice and Everything Nice; The Man Who Belittled Dr. Fate; Marauders of the Mississippi; Tokyo Calling (text); Mystery of the Missing Fat Man; The Prophet Takes a Loss
20Best of DC, TheSuperman & Batman: Vengeance of the Tomb-Thing!; Superman & Batman: A Matter of Light and Death!; Superman & Batman: Fugitive From the Stars!; Superman and Dr. Fate: Peril of the Planet-Smashers!
208World’s Finest ComicsSuperman and Dr. Fate: Peril of the Planet-Smashers; Robotman: The Inside Story of Robotman; Ghost Patrol: The Spectacular Crimes
24Secret Origins (3rd Series)The All-True, Previously Recorded, Publicly Known, Heretofore Fully Revealed Secret Origin Of The Blue Devil; The Secret Origin of Dr. Fate
4Showcase ’96The Devil’s Own; The Shade and Dr. Fate: Day & Night, Night & Bright; The Demon: Street of Darkness
308Flash, The (1st Series)The Good-The Bad-And The Beautiful!; Dr. Fate: Dawn Of The Sixth Sun
47All-Star SquadronThe Secret Origin of Dr. Fate!
306Flash, The (1st Series)Through A Glass, Permanently!; Dr. Fate: Apocalypse Of The Fifth Sun!