Storylines containing “Faceless”

11Savage Sword of Conan (Dark Horse)A Dream of Empire; Mitra Defend Us; The Quest for the Shrine of Luma; A Quiet Place; Riddle of the Demuzaar; The Toll; Isle of the Faceless Ones; The Warlord of the Castle; Lords of the Falcon; The Boon; The Winds of Aka-Gaar; The Opponents; The Valley of Howling Shadows; Alchemy; Homecoming; Star of Thamazhu
2Doomsday Squad, TheA Faceless Foe; Confrontation; Lloyd Llewellyn: Under the Big Top
2Doomsday + 1 (Avalon)A Faceless Foe; The Incredible Simia
1/HCNeil Gaiman Library, TheA Study in Emerald, Murder Mysteries, How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire
151Super Detective LibraryBlackshirt And The Case Of The Faceless Man
84Jungle ComicsBlood Spoor of the Faceless Monster
42CrisisChina in Crisis; For A Few Troubles More; Passion and Fire; Faceless
25Secret Agent XFaceless Fury; The Ivory Claw; Queen of Doom
25Secret Agent X (Hanos)Faceless Fury; The Ivory Claw; Queen of Doom
51Catwoman (4th Series)Faceless, Part 1
542BatmanFaceless, Part 1; Murdicide
52Catwoman (4th Series)Faceless, Part 2
52/ACatwoman (4th Series)Faceless, Part 2
543BatmanFaceless, Part 2; Postmarked: Murder
1/HCCreativity of Ditko, TheFrom All Our Darkrooms; Director of the Board; The Mirage; Menace of The Invisibles; One Way Trip; We Sell Time; Prologue; The Ultimate Evil; The Treasure of The Swamp; An Ancient Wrong; Hide and Eeeeeek; Dig This Crazy Pad, Dad; The Mystery of The Wax Museum, Return Visit; Come Back To Tlakluk; Kiss of The Serpent; Satan’s Night Out; The Deepest Cut of All; Werewoods; Doorway Into Tomorrow; The Faceless Ones
12Gathering, TheHerStory: First Contact; The Mice and the Scullery Maid; Transcendent; Quackerlee; Fight or Flight; Faceless; Not My Goal; The Perfect Match; Promise; How Does Your Garden Grow?; The Jacket; Forbidden
1/HCBuck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Dailies and Sundays 1979-1980Introduction: Gray Morrow and Buck Rogers (text); Space Vampire; Mutant Zone; Vostrian Crisis; The Faceless Kid; Solar Peril; feature: Focus: Original Artwork
115Savage Sword of ConanIsle of the Faceless Ones; The Warlord of the Castle
7Fantastic Monsters of the FilmsKing Kong; Monster Of The Month; How To Handle A Ghost; Vincent Price The Opium Eater; The Metalogen Monster; x-The Man With The X-Ray Eyes; The Black Sleep; Terrors From The Twilight Zone; Castle Of The Monsters; Horrorscope; Son Of Frankenstein; Ghoul Call; Monster Movie Ads; Tarantula; Curse Of The Faceless Man; Tombstone Times; Mad Mummy Announcement
26/ATubby (Marge’s…)Knotknee; Water Boy; Tubby; The Duplicator; The Faceless Doll; Little Sir Echo (Text); Alvin
25FearMorbius: And What of a Vampire’s Blood…?; The Faceless Ones
Bk 10/HCMickey Mouse (Walt Disney’s…)Planet of Faceless Foes
153Strange AdventuresPSA: Not Wanted: High School Dropouts!; Threat Of The Faceless Creature; Danger In Detroit; educ: Amazing Ratios!
389Amazing Spider-Man, ThePursuit; The Faceless Man
142Strange AdventuresReturn of the Faceless Creature; Find Element X—or Die!; Prisoners of the Space Flowers
19All Star Adventure ComicReturn of the Faceless Creature; The Jewels of Chimbor; A Journey into Oblivion; Inside the Mountain; The Image Maker; Highway to the Past; Vengeance of Coyote Charlie; Wandering Wagons; Skybird’s Revenge; Warning of Danger; Fat Man’s Magic; The Strange Case of Uncle Hoober; Mysterious Island; The Strange Barrier; Ivar’s Playmates
173House of MysteryRevolt of the H-Dial!; So You’re Faceless!
1Batwoman/Supergirl World’s Finest GiantSister, Sister; Faceless; Exit Interview; Batwoman Rebirth; Supergirl Rebith; Beyond a Shadow
1/ABatwoman/Supergirl World’s Finest GiantSister, Sister; Faceless; Exit Interview; Batwoman Rebirth; Supergirl Rebith; Beyond a Shadow
13Best of DC, TheSuperman and Green Arrow: A Prize of Peril!; Superman: The Fury of the Kryptonian-Killer!; Superman and Green Arrow: World of Faceless Slaves!; Superman: Menace of the Energy-Blackmailers!; Superman and Aquaman: Who’s Minding the Earth?
210World’s Finest ComicsSuperman and Green Arrow: World of Faceless Slaves; Black Pirate: The Sword of Hate; The King:
2MysticThe Black Dungeon; The Faceless Man; The Day I Die; The Shivering Flame; The Forbidden Drink
176Strange AdventuresThe Case of the Cosmonik Quartet; Presto! Something Old to Something New; The Faceless People
120World’s Finest ComicsThe Challenge of the Faceless Creatures; Tommy Tomorrow: The Weapons That Boomeranged!; 50 Miles To Mortality (text); Green Arrow: The Deadly Trophy Hunt
4Strange Sports StoriesThe Challenge of the Faceless Five!; Man with the Golden Gloves!
1020th Century Boys (Naoki Urasawa’s…)The Faceless Boy
4Invaders from HomeThe Faceless Horror
276House of MysteryThe Faceless Man; Blood Of The Twilight Reign; Epode!
42Strange Tales (1st Series)The Faceless One; The Collector; The Man Who Said No; Moon-Man; The Vanishing Brain; The Men in the Cell
42Strange Tales (UK Edition)The Faceless One; The Collector; The Man Who Said No; Moon-Man; The Vanishing Brain; The Men in the Cell
12This Magazine is Haunted (2nd Series)The Faceless Ones!; The Messages; Adventure Lands: The Moon; Dangerous Mud Flats (text story); The Thing on the Beach; His Fate; The Last One
7Scooby-Doo (Marvel)The Faceless Phantom; The Frightful Scarecrow
86Captain Atom (Charlton)The Fury of the Faceless Foe
13DC Special Blue Ribbon DigestThe Great Super-Star Game!; Challenge of the Faceless Five!; Man With the Golden Gloves!; Volley of Death; A Tall Tale of Tenpins!; Man Who Leaped Over The Earth!; Hockey Mask of Death!; Warrior of the Weightless World!; Gridiron Knightmare!
72BatmanThe Jungle Batman!; The Legion of Faceless Men!; The Death-Cheaters of Gotham City!
5Crime Bible: The Five LessonsThe Parable of The Faceless
28Challengers of the UnknownThe Revolt of the Terrible FX-1; The Riddle of the Faceless Man; cartoon: Peter Puptent
2Black Magic (Prize)The Scorn of the Faceless People; The Cloak
29Adventures Into TerrorThe Vampire Man; The Black Box (text); From Out of the Grave; The Man Who Walked the Plank; The Faceless Ones; The Horrible House
23All Star Adventure ComicThreat of the Faceless Creature