Storylines containing “Jia”

1Superheroes (Prime)Dirae; The Strange Desserts of Professor Natalie Doom; Wild Card; Grandma; The Los Angeles Women’s Auxiliary Superhero League; Secret Identity; The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm; Heroic Measures; Super. Family.; The Biggest; Superhero Girl; Tonight We Fly; Downfall; Sunlight Society; Dr. Death vs. the Vampire; Wonjiang and the Madman of Pyongyang
9All New Atom, TheJia, Part 1; Her Name Meant Beauty
10All New Atom, TheJia, Part 2; Unwanted Advances
11All New Atom, TheJia, Part 3; The Border Between
41Spirit, The (Magazine)Radio Station WLXK; Enterprise; interview C.C. Beck; The Black Queen’s Army; The Sinclair Jewels-Lady Luck by Mazoujian; Paradise of Lin-Mr. Mystic by Bob Powell; The Burning of P.S. 43; Cache McStash
34Mysteries of Unexplored WorldsSpace Survivor; The Curse of Aba Jiani; The Purple Door; From Earth to Space Geography (text); The Incredible Rulers of A.Og
6Platinum GritThrow That Old Thing Away Grandma; Spanky the Monkey: Spittin’ Toothpaste; Hallelujia and All that Jazz; In the Ghetto