Storylines containing “On the Road”

35Captain Atom (DC)…Show On the Road!
22DC SpecialA Monster Met on the Road to Calais; The Battle of the Kites; The Secret of Robin Hood’s Name!
1Wild ThingsAssassins!; Key Club; Girl; Blast Bartleby; B.J. Butterfly; Smadakcaj Tree; Old Time Vampire Tales!; Bob and John On The Road; Mandy: The Girl With the Most Comics in America; Clik!
0/AWild ThingzAssassins; Key Club; Girl; Blast Bartleby; B.J. Butterfly; Smadakcaj Tree; Old Time Vampire Tales; Bob and John On The Road; Mandy; Click
7BadgerBreakdown on the Road to Happiness
86FemforceBreakout, AC Comics on the Road
8Strange Tales (2nd Series)Cloak & Dagger: The Black Tear Drop; Doctor Strange: If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!
2Lost Cause ComixConfessions of a Dope Fiend; Spare Change; Alphonse Apple; Home Sweet Home; On the Road Again!
6/BOverstreet’s FanFeatures; The Spawn/WildC.A.T.S Crossover; Our Special Starman Coverage; The King of Cool.or just a cool guy?; Star Struck; Idle Thoughts; Taking the Buisiness Siriusly; Cow Tippin’ with Marc Silvestri; Unemployed: Looking For Work; Animation’s Next Gen; As Busy As He Wants to Be; Thunder and Lightning; Columns; Ain’t a Library; Behind The Lines; Andy Mangles’ Star War Futures (hey! it’s the same guy); The Sea Change; You Wanna Play Games?; Toys; The Card Shark; Mega Byte Me; High End Market Report; My Life as a Superhero; Nick’s Picks; On the Road; Frank Miller
166Heavy MetalGallery; Milo manara, The Museum, Raul Fulgurex in the Mutineers Are Revolting, On the Road Again: Calypso Rock, No Man’s Land, Towards a New Beginning, Park Charles: Chimera, Rasputin
111Sweethearts (Vol. 1)Girl on the Road; Weep No More; Love is a Game
2KillerooGood For The Goose; Killeroo’s Big Night Off; Species Deceases; Free Kick; On The Road; Position Vacant
7DirtbagIf It ain’t Broke, Fix It; true Takes from the Periphery; The Monorail Rider; Life Bytes; Billie the Clown in Military Intelligence; If You See Bill on the Road, Kill Him
54Jughead with Archie Digest MagazineJughead With Archie: Skateboard Fever; Archie: Sympathy Pains; Jughead: Holiday For Bill; Archie: Drive On!; Jughead: Pardon My Dream; Li’l Jinx: Big Spending!; Miss Grundy: Male Call!; Archie: Money Talks!; Miss Beazley’s Gag Bag; Reggie: Teacher’s Fret; Coach Kleats: Sporting Advice; Miss Grundy: Small Favors; Jughead: Finger Ringer; Archie: Every Litter Bit Hurts; Mr. Weatherbee Gag Bag; Li’l Jinx; Checkers!; Little Jughead: Real Sad Blues; Archie: Wedding Bells; Nature’s Notebook: The Shark (text); That Cute Little Witch Little Sabrina: A Magic Show; Moose: For Whom the Bell Tolls!; Moose; Tin-Horn Tycoon!; Dilton: On the Road to Reason; Archie: Gown Clown!; Reggie: Key Plea; Archie: Deep Freeze; Li’l Jinx: Reflections; Mr. Weatherbee; Silly Silence; Reggie: Royal Flush; Archie: Hex Marks the Spot; Jughead’s Daffy-nitions!; Moose: Tight Squeeze; Li’l Jinx: Phone-y Talk!; Archie: Monkey Business; Archie: Maxi-Taxi; Miss Grundy: Passing Matter
1Samurai (Mad Monkey)Life On The Road
9Elfquest: The RebelsLightning on the Road
2MechanicsLove And The Rocket; Back at the Ranch; Penny Century: On the Road Ag’in, Part 2; Out O’ Space
8Mary MarvelMary Marvel and the Riddles of Death!; Dizzy Daisy; Vita Min; Mary Marvel and the 5 Terrors; Finders Keepers! (text); The Horrid Hermit; Freddy Freshman (feature) On the Road to Adventure; Vita Min Gets a Kick out of This; Mary Marvel and Captain Cligh’s
6WastelandMethod Actor; Paper Hero; On the Road, Part 1
6/AWastelandMethod Actor; Paper Hero; On the Road, Part 1
66Archie’s Pals ’n GalsMonkey Business; Teach in Forked Tongue..; On the Road to Reason; Professor Jughead Lectures on Splashy Sports; Shutter Shudders; Going Bats!; You Know You’re Really Popular When..; Spare that Strike; Flag Wag
1Big Book of Urban Legends, TheMoving Violations; The Hook; The Killer In The Back Seat; The Vanishing Hitchhiker; Another Vanishing Hitchhiker; The Nut And The Tire Nuts; The Runaway Grandmother; Mystery Tour; The Day Trip; The Slasher Under The Car; The Severed Fingers; End Of His Rope; Push Starting The Car; The Wonder Car; The Rattle In The Cadillac; The Solid Cement Cadillac; Thread The Needle; The Corpse in the Car; The Decapitated Motorcyclist; The Philanderer’s Porsche; The Deathcar; The Baby on the Roof; The Nude in the RV; The Nun and the Volkswagon; Wild Kingdom; The Microwaved Pet; The Mexican Pet; The Choking Doberman; Another Choking Doberman; The Trapper and his Dog; Not My Dog; The Poisoned Pussycat; The Har Dryer; The Dead Cat in The Package; Another Dead Cat In A Package; The Dog’s Dinner; The Tummy Ache; The Kentucky Fried Rat; The Spider in the Hairdo; The Hunter’s Nightmare; The Deer Departed; Flopsy’s Revenge; Shooting The Bull; The Dog In The High-Rise; The Flying Kitten; Kittty Takes The Rap; The Bump in the Carpet; The Fatal Boot; Alligators in the Sewer; The Moving Cactus; Campfire Classics; The Babysitter And The Man Upstairs; Two Babysitters And A Man Upstairs!!!; The Hippie Baby Sitter; Baby Gets The Chair; The Licked Hand; The Boyfriend’s Death; The Fatal Tee; The Graveyard Wager; The Well to Hell; The Devil in the Dancehall; Ghost Mom; The Accidental Cannibals; Islamic Justice; The Mutilated Bride; The Roommate’s Death; The Other Roommate’s Death; The Message Under The Stamp; Special Delivery; A Bug In Her Ear; The X Ray; The Body In The Bed; Tapping The Admiral; Brush With Death; The Poinsettia Myth; Mommy’s Little Helper; The Last Kiss; The Mortician Always Rings Twice; Comic Calamities; Curses! Broiled Again!; Fish Out Of Water; The Smashed Bug; The Lost Wreck; The Wrong Rest Stop; Cruise Control; The Pig On The Road; Fear Of Frying; The Body On The Car; Old vs Young; The Failed Suicide; Another Failed Suicide; The Accidental Gerbil; What Killed The Dog; The Stuck Santa; The Unlucky Contacts; The Ski Accident; The Heel In The Grate; The Golf Bag; The Sawed-Off Fingers; The Wonder of Gas; Barrel of Bricks; Bad News Bearers; The Exploding Toilet; Snakebite!; The Turkey Neck; Caught In The Act; The Nude Surprise Party!; Another Nude Surprise Party; Filmed In The Act; The Stuck Couple; Sex With The Wrong Partner!; The Blind Date; The Unexpected Inheritance; The Unzipped Mechanic; The Bothered Bride; The Bad Bachelorette; The Baby Train; The Baby Headache; The Bullet through the Balls; Aids Mary; Superglue Revenge; The Sheriff’s Daughter; The Fart in the Dark; Walking The Dog; State Police Don’t Have Balls; The Misunderstood Note; Super Hero Hi-Jinks; The Butcher’s Prank; The Blind Man; The Nude Housewife; Green Stamps; License To Practice; The Cat and the Nude Man; Chapter 6, Crimes And Misdemeanors; The Unstealable Car; The Double Theft; The Robber Who Was Hurt!; Good Neighbors; The Arrest; The Dishonest Note; The Biker and the Smoker; The Subway Samaritan; The Cut-Off Finger; Take Him, Wagger!; The Kidney Heist; The Stolen Specimen; Siphon Surprise; You Can’t Judge A Book; The Jogger’s Billfold; The Cookie Caper; The Hardresser’s Error; The 2 Hitchhikers; The Hairy-Armen Hitchhiker; The Avon Flasher; Just Say No!; Mother Knows Best; The Grocery Scam; The Videotaped Theft; The Toothbrush Story; Take My Tickets, Please!; Chapter 7, Occupational Hazards; The Number of the Beast; The Truth About M & M’s; Gross-Out Gossip; The Mouse in the Coke Bottle; The Killer Carpet; The Bedbug Letter; The Tapeworm Diet; Cabbage Patch Tragedy; Red Velvet Cake; The Roughnecks Revenge; Fixing The Flue; The Lover’s Telephone Revenge; The Bug Under The Rug; When There’s a Will There’s a Way; Inner Golf; Hot Potato; All Aboard!; Lockout At 20,000 Feet; Ghost Pilot; 911; A Stitch in Time; Burying St. Joe; New Identity; The Lie Detector; Bookkeeper In A Brothel; Chapter 8, Foaf-A-Rama; The Elevator Incident; Bozo The Clown’s Blooper; Paul is Dead; Jesus On The Thruway; Rescuing Richard Nixon; The Dormitory Surprise; Positive Reinforcement; Late For Class; The Resubmitted Term Paper; The Final Exam; Exam Scams; Toll Booth Pranks; Gnome Come Home; The Barometer Problem; The Homemade Lie Detector; Culture Clash; Tea And Sugar; The Obedient Tourists; Biographies
12Justice League QuarterlyNegative Feedback; On the Road; Praxis: The Damnation Agenda, Part 2; A Man of Parts
5OMACNew Bodies for Old!!; First Stop on the Road to the Damned!
3GantzNormality; Great Strength; Lucky Man; Dear Pet; Latent Ability; Returned; Gang; Disappearance on the Road; Unexplainable, Inscrutable; Forgotten Things; Group Madness; Tanaka
19Jack of FablesOn The Road
2Kane & LynchOn the Road
3/ALola XOXOOn the Road
3/BLola XOXOOn the Road
3/CLola XOXOOn the Road
3/DLola XOXOOn the Road
Bk 1/HCMuppet Show, The: Comic BookOn the Road
Bk 1Punisher, The (11th Series)On the Road
1Sam & Max Freelance Police SpecialOn the Road
170Walking Dead, The (Image)On the Road
3Waiting for the End of the WorldOn the Road to Ragnorak
1Queen of the Damned (Anne Rice’s…)On the Road to the Vampire Lestat
1George & BarbaraOn The Road With George & Barbara In Vacationland
1Thor (Taco Bell Giveaway)On the Road with The Wrecker
10J2On the Road with Wolverine
39Agenzia AlfaOn the road, La prima avventura di Betty, Rapimento, Un mondo migliore
1/AMuppet Show, The: Comic BookOn the Road, Part 1; Watch that Tiger
1/BMuppet Show, The: Comic BookOn the Road, Part 1; Watch that Tiger
1/CMuppet Show, The: Comic BookOn the Road, Part 1; Watch that Tiger
7WastelandOn the Road, Part 2; Secret Lords of the DNA!; The St. Louis Electric Giraffe Caper!
184Iron Man (1st Series)On The Road…
184Iron Man (1st Series, Canadian Edition)On The Road…
1Genext: UnitedPassage to India?, Part 1; On the Road—Again?!
Bk 1Muppet Show, The: Comic BookPigs In Space; On The Road
16Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-HamPorker Fried Rice, or Chung King on the Road; Croak & Badger
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