Storylines containing “On the Road”

35Captain Atom (DC)…Show On the Road!
22DC SpecialA Monster Met on the Road to Calais; The Battle of the Kites; The Secret of Robin Hood’s Name!
1Wild ThingsAssassins!; Key Club; Girl; Blast Bartleby; B.J. Butterfly; Smadakcaj Tree; Old Time Vampire Tales!; Bob and John On The Road; Mandy: The Girl With the Most Comics in America; Clik!
0/AWild ThingzAssassins; Key Club; Girl; Blast Bartleby; B.J. Butterfly; Smadakcaj Tree; Old Time Vampire Tales; Bob and John On The Road; Mandy; Click
7BadgerBreakdown on the Road to Happiness
86FemforceBreakout, AC Comics on the Road
8Strange Tales (2nd Series)Cloak & Dagger: The Black Tear Drop; Doctor Strange: If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!
2Lost Cause ComixConfessions of a Dope Fiend; Spare Change; Alphonse Apple; Home Sweet Home; On the Road Again!
6/BOverstreet’s FanFeatures; The Spawn/WildC.A.T.S Crossover; Our Special Starman Coverage; The King of Cool.or just a cool guy?; Star Struck; Idle Thoughts; Taking the Buisiness Siriusly; Cow Tippin’ with Marc Silvestri; Unemployed: Looking For Work; Animation’s Next Gen; As Busy As He Wants to Be; Thunder and Lightning; Columns; Ain’t a Library; Behind The Lines; Andy Mangles’ Star War Futures (hey! it’s the same guy); The Sea Change; You Wanna Play Games?; Toys; The Card Shark; Mega Byte Me; High End Market Report; My Life as a Superhero; Nick’s Picks; On the Road; Frank Miller
166Heavy MetalGallery; Milo manara, The Museum, Raul Fulgurex in the Mutineers Are Revolting, On the Road Again: Calypso Rock, No Man’s Land, Towards a New Beginning, Park Charles: Chimera, Rasputin
111Sweethearts (Vol. 1)Girl on the Road; Weep No More; Love is a Game
2KillerooGood For The Goose; Killeroo’s Big Night Off; Species Deceases; Free Kick; On The Road; Position Vacant
7DirtbagIf It ain’t Broke, Fix It; true Takes from the Periphery; The Monorail Rider; Life Bytes; Billie the Clown in Military Intelligence; If You See Bill on the Road, Kill Him
54Jughead with Archie Digest MagazineJughead With Archie: Skateboard Fever; Archie: Sympathy Pains; Jughead: Holiday For Bill; Archie: Drive On!; Jughead: Pardon My Dream; Li’l Jinx: Big Spending!; Miss Grundy: Male Call!; Archie: Money Talks!; Miss Beazley’s Gag Bag; Reggie: Teacher’s Fret; Coach Kleats: Sporting Advice; Miss Grundy: Small Favors; Jughead: Finger Ringer; Archie: Every Litter Bit Hurts; Mr. Weatherbee Gag Bag; Li’l Jinx; Checkers!; Little Jughead: Real Sad Blues; Archie: Wedding Bells; Nature’s Notebook: The Shark (text); That Cute Little Witch Little Sabrina: A Magic Show; Moose: For Whom the Bell Tolls!; Moose; Tin-Horn Tycoon!; Dilton: On the Road to Reason; Archie: Gown Clown!; Reggie: Key Plea; Archie: Deep Freeze; Li’l Jinx: Reflections; Mr. Weatherbee; Silly Silence; Reggie: Royal Flush; Archie: Hex Marks the Spot; Jughead’s Daffy-nitions!; Moose: Tight Squeeze; Li’l Jinx: Phone-y Talk!; Archie: Monkey Business; Archie: Maxi-Taxi; Miss Grundy: Passing Matter
1Samurai (Mad Monkey)Life On The Road
9Elfquest: The RebelsLightning on the Road
2MechanicsLove And The Rocket; Back at the Ranch; Penny Century: On the Road Ag’in, Part 2; Out O’ Space
8Mary MarvelMary Marvel and the Riddles of Death!; Dizzy Daisy; Vita Min; Mary Marvel and the 5 Terrors; Finders Keepers! (text); The Horrid Hermit; Freddy Freshman (feature) On the Road to Adventure; Vita Min Gets a Kick out of This; Mary Marvel and Captain Cligh’s
6WastelandMethod Actor; Paper Hero; On the Road, Part 1
6/AWastelandMethod Actor; Paper Hero; On the Road, Part 1
66Archie’s Pals ’n GalsMonkey Business; Teach in Forked Tongue..; On the Road to Reason; Professor Jughead Lectures on Splashy Sports; Shutter Shudders; Going Bats!; You Know You’re Really Popular When..; Spare that Strike; Flag Wag
1Big Book of Urban Legends, TheMoving Violations; The Hook; The Killer In The Back Seat; The Vanishing Hitchhiker; Another Vanishing Hitchhiker; The Nut And The Tire Nuts; The Runaway Grandmother; Mystery Tour; The Day Trip; The Slasher Under The Car; The Severed Fingers; End Of His Rope; Push Starting The Car; The Wonder Car; The Rattle In The Cadillac; The Solid Cement Cadillac; Thread The Needle; The Corpse in the Car; The Decapitated Motorcyclist; The Philanderer’s Porsche; The Deathcar; The Baby on the Roof; The Nude in the RV; The Nun and the Volkswagon; Wild Kingdom; The Microwaved Pet; The Mexican Pet; The Choking Doberman; Another Choking Doberman; The Trapper and his Dog; Not My Dog; The Poisoned Pussycat; The Har Dryer; The Dead Cat in The Package; Another Dead Cat In A Package; The Dog’s Dinner; The Tummy Ache; The Kentucky Fried Rat; The Spider in the Hairdo; The Hunter’s Nightmare; The Deer Departed; Flopsy’s Revenge; Shooting The Bull; The Dog In The High-Rise; The Flying Kitten; Kittty Takes The Rap; The Bump in the Carpet; The Fatal Boot; Alligators in the Sewer; The Moving Cactus; Campfire Classics; The Babysitter And The Man Upstairs; Two Babysitters And A Man Upstairs!!!; The Hippie Baby Sitter; Baby Gets The Chair; The Licked Hand; The Boyfriend’s Death; The Fatal Tee; The Graveyard Wager; The Well to Hell; The Devil in the Dancehall; Ghost Mom; The Accidental Cannibals; Islamic Justice; The Mutilated Bride; The Roommate’s Death; The Other Roommate’s Death; The Message Under The Stamp; Special Delivery; A Bug In Her Ear; The X Ray; The Body In The Bed; Tapping The Admiral; Brush With Death; The Poinsettia Myth; Mommy’s Little Helper; The Last Kiss; The Mortician Always Rings Twice; Comic Calamities; Curses! Broiled Again!; Fish Out Of Water; The Smashed Bug; The Lost Wreck; The Wrong Rest Stop; Cruise Control; The Pig On The Road; Fear Of Frying; The Body On The Car; Old vs Young; The Failed Suicide; Another Failed Suicide; The Accidental Gerbil; What Killed The Dog; The Stuck Santa; The Unlucky Contacts; The Ski Accident; The Heel In The Grate; The Golf Bag; The Sawed-Off Fingers; The Wonder of Gas; Barrel of Bricks; Bad News Bearers; The Exploding Toilet; Snakebite!; The Turkey Neck; Caught In The Act; The Nude Surprise Party!; Another Nude Surprise Party; Filmed In The Act; The Stuck Couple; Sex With The Wrong Partner!; The Blind Date; The Unexpected Inheritance; The Unzipped Mechanic; The Bothered Bride; The Bad Bachelorette; The Baby Train; The Baby Headache; The Bullet through the Balls; Aids Mary; Superglue Revenge; The Sheriff’s Daughter; The Fart in the Dark; Walking The Dog; State Police Don’t Have Balls; The Misunderstood Note; Super Hero Hi-Jinks; The Butcher’s Prank; The Blind Man; The Nude Housewife; Green Stamps; License To Practice; The Cat and the Nude Man; Chapter 6, Crimes And Misdemeanors; The Unstealable Car; The Double Theft; The Robber Who Was Hurt!; Good Neighbors; The Arrest; The Dishonest Note; The Biker and the Smoker; The Subway Samaritan; The Cut-Off Finger; Take Him, Wagger!; The Kidney Heist; The Stolen Specimen; Siphon Surprise; You Can’t Judge A Book; The Jogger’s Billfold; The Cookie Caper; The Hardresser’s Error; The 2 Hitchhikers; The Hairy-Armen Hitchhiker; The Avon Flasher; Just Say No!; Mother Knows Best; The Grocery Scam; The Videotaped Theft; The Toothbrush Story; Take My Tickets, Please!; Chapter 7, Occupational Hazards; The Number of the Beast; The Truth About M & M’s; Gross-Out Gossip; The Mouse in the Coke Bottle; The Killer Carpet; The Bedbug Letter; The Tapeworm Diet; Cabbage Patch Tragedy; Red Velvet Cake; The Roughnecks Revenge; Fixing The Flue; The Lover’s Telephone Revenge; The Bug Under The Rug; When There’s a Will There’s a Way; Inner Golf; Hot Potato; All Aboard!; Lockout At 20,000 Feet; Ghost Pilot; 911; A Stitch in Time; Burying St. Joe; New Identity; The Lie Detector; Bookkeeper In A Brothel; Chapter 8, Foaf-A-Rama; The Elevator Incident; Bozo The Clown’s Blooper; Paul is Dead; Jesus On The Thruway; Rescuing Richard Nixon; The Dormitory Surprise; Positive Reinforcement; Late For Class; The Resubmitted Term Paper; The Final Exam; Exam Scams; Toll Booth Pranks; Gnome Come Home; The Barometer Problem; The Homemade Lie Detector; Culture Clash; Tea And Sugar; The Obedient Tourists; Biographies
12Justice League QuarterlyNegative Feedback; On the Road; Praxis: The Damnation Agenda, Part 2; A Man of Parts
5OMACNew Bodies for Old!!; First Stop on the Road to the Damned!
3GantzNormality; Great Strength; Lucky Man; Dear Pet; Latent Ability; Returned; Gang; Disappearance on the Road; Unexplainable, Inscrutable; Forgotten Things; Group Madness; Tanaka
19Jack of FablesOn The Road
2Kane & LynchOn the Road
3/ALola XOXOOn the Road
3/BLola XOXOOn the Road
3/CLola XOXOOn the Road
3/DLola XOXOOn the Road
Bk 1/HCMuppet Show, The: Comic BookOn the Road
Bk 1Punisher, The (11th Series)On the Road
1Sam & Max Freelance Police SpecialOn the Road
170Walking Dead, The (Image)On the Road
17/AYosemite SamOn the Road Again!; H-A-R-V-E-Y Spells Trouble!; Earl Slick; Rapid Delivery
3Waiting for the End of the WorldOn the Road to Ragnorak
1Queen of the Damned (Anne Rice’s…)On the Road to the Vampire Lestat
1George & BarbaraOn The Road With George & Barbara In Vacationland
1Thor (Taco Bell Giveaway)On the Road with The Wrecker
10J2On the Road with Wolverine
39Agenzia AlfaOn the road, La prima avventura di Betty, Rapimento, Un mondo migliore
1/AMuppet Show, The: Comic BookOn the Road, Part 1; Watch that Tiger
1/BMuppet Show, The: Comic BookOn the Road, Part 1; Watch that Tiger
1/CMuppet Show, The: Comic BookOn the Road, Part 1; Watch that Tiger
7WastelandOn the Road, Part 2; Secret Lords of the DNA!; The St. Louis Electric Giraffe Caper!
184Iron Man (1st Series)On The Road…
184/MJIron Man (1st Series)On The Road…
184Iron Man (1st Series, Canadian Edition)On The Road…
1Genext: UnitedPassage to India?, Part 1; On the Road—Again?!
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