(Deadline, 1990-1994)
©1994 Deadline Publications Ltd. Stories and art © their credited authors.

Britain’s Deadline magazine bills itself as “the style mag for underachievers.” It’s a perfect description for this fast-paced, in-your-face magazine for the hip generation. Deadline combines features on cutting-edge rock bands, movies, and other bits of popular culture with some of the weirdest alternative comics to be found on either side of the Atlantic. Here you’ll find text pieces on gay culture or why the author detests children, side by side with the latest episode of Tank Girl. It’s a fun, frenetic mix seldom found in American comics.
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September, 1991
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September, 1994
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Roger Langridge, Barnabas Netherworld, Eric N., Frank, Jay Taylor, Savx, The Fake Santa Claus, Roberto CoronaRoger Langridge, Andrew Watson, Yoann, Jay Taylor, Ed Pinsent, The Fake Santa Claus, Roberto Corona