(Traitors Gait, 1998)
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This magazine-sized comic intersperses articles about football (soccer to you non-Europeans) with comics about the same. The comic pieces were done by a host of little-known British talent, some quite good. The writing often suffers in comparison, however, with none of the stories in the premiere issue quite managing a clever climax, despite some clever premises (including “Streaker Striker,” and “Demon Defender”—the story of a possessed footballer). Perhaps the funniest bit is “Scottish Manager” about a terrifying harsh drillmaster of a coach whose near-impenetrable Scottish dialect is really quite funny, once deciphered.

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 Des Sawyer, Ferg Handley, James Peaty, Simon WatsonAdam White, Dave Windett, Joe Martinez, Lee Farrell, Mutt, Paul Knight, Richard Johnson, Sami Lill, Simon Gurr, Simon Watson