(Andrew Drozd, 2005)
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Religion is flourishing in comics. From Bible adaptations and religious comics to stories about battling clergy, a wide variety of faiths currently appear on the printed page. In addition to publications promoting Catholicism and Judaism, The Book of Mormon was brought to comics by Mike Allred. Now, Andrew Drozd introduces readers to Seventh Day Adventism.

The Coexisting title refers to several things. Marcus (the Seventh Day Adventist) believes that dinosaurs and humans coexisted. Andrew (the author) is intolerant of Marcus’ religion and must learn to coexist with him. To a lesser extent, Marcus is homophobic and should learn to coexist with Andrew’s friend Carl.

Drozd’s faces are crude but effective. His skill is more apparent in the details of living rooms and parking lots. The most interesting sequence, visually, is a basketball face-off from three perspectives. He utilizes stick figures in the long shots, but he seems to be winking at the reader by doing so, rather than doing so in earnest.

— Jack Abramowitz

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