The Myth of 8-Opus: Prologue

    (A-Okay, 2004)
™ and © A-Okay

Cosmic hero 8–Opus narrowly escapes from the other–worldly prison of the snake–worshipping Sons of Nashek, but, through the power of his mystically prophetic Magic–8 Mask, soon learns the high price of his freedom: the life of his friend and fellow hero, Daedalus, and the possible destruction of his homeworld, a planet that is also the living embodiment of a goddess. His determination to alter the outcome of these dire prophecies, and save all he holds dear sets 8–Opus on a quest that continues in the ongoing The Myth of 8-Opus: The Labyrinth series.

Fans of the legendary Jack Kirby should enjoy creator Thomas Scioli’s style of art in this artistic homage.

— Joseph Self

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