Disposable Graffiti

™ and © Gramm Matthew

Be thankful that Gramm Matthew is a writer, artist, and musician, because Heaven knows where else he might have channeled his entire mind’s seething rage. Matthew puts readers in a straitjacket, plops them in front of his stage, and cranks the amps up to 11 with this visual assault that makes it clear how he feels about funny animals, cheap kitchen appliances, and ex-girlfriends. He’s comics’ own Fred Durst.

But is it art, and can you dance to it? Those who enjoyed moshing in the mud at Woodstock ’99 might think so, but chances are most will see it as a therapeutic exercise. For Matthew, that is, who hopefully feels a lot better after venting in this series’ first issue.

By the way, this $5, 24-page comic also comes with a “free” CD by Matthew’s band, The Brier Patch Boys, providing a sort of soundtrack that adds auditory overload to the visual, making this likely to be the first comic book you can bang your head to.

— Jim Johnson

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