Bloodthirst: The Nightfall Conspiracy

    (Alpha, 1994)
ô and © 1994 Alpha Productions

A vampire member of a covert anti-terrorism team must guard a physicist developing a project that could detonate every nuclear device on the planet. But a hard job turns uglier at a Halloween party, when a killing and an attempted kidnapping reveal more vampires, a secret cabal, and an immortal madman intent on causing nuclear winter.

While the pages are a little busy, and the story canít decide if it wants to be campy or straight, this book does have a lot of energy and a thoroughly planned world.

Writer Christopher Mills also scripted Leonard Nimoyís Primortals and edited Neil Gaimanís Lady Justice of the Tekno Comix line before forming Shadow House Press. Contributing artists include Delfin Barral, Chuck Bordell and Joel Adams.

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