The Fifth Force Featuring Hawk and Animal

    (Antarctic, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Antarctic Press

This one-dimensional title published by the Children’s Fitness Network chooses the dubious World Wrestling Federation as its material source. That fact leaves a lot to be desired and should collectively set off alarms in anyone’s mind. As a book intended for kids, it has a strange way of introducing its main characters as all-too-willing to compromise the integrity of sportsmanship for their self-centered needs. The heroes exhibit a slack attitude of esprit de corps and a questionable sense of honor. As for learning about the human body and the importance of a healthy lifestyle from “professional wrestlers,” get a grip. Any potential reader should consider this concept: pro wrestlers as “role models.” Send in the clowns and let the laughter begin.

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1st Appearance of Hawk and Animal (in comics)Mark HarrisMark Harris


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