Blue Monday: Dead Manís Party

 BMDP   (Oni, 2002)

In the spirit of Treehouse of Horror, Oni brings Blue Monday: Dead Manís Party to stores, just in time for Halloween. The successful Oni series will be a great introduction to the characters of Blue Monday without having to shell out a bunch of money for the trade paperbacks available.

When the power goes out on their Halloween party the gang settles down to tell some scary stories to pass the time. The stories range from a good, old-fashioned zombie story to a parody of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The characters are all loveable in their own separate ways and every story is hilarious in its own separate way.

Readers who have never read Blue Monday might get confused at times during the comic book because it is hard to differentiate between characters when they are speaking off-panel. There is also a running gag where two floating Jesus heads are trying to kill Clover, but it is not explained why until the end of the comic book. By then the gag is almost lost on the reader because there is only one page left.

Even though the story can get muddled at time, Blue Monday never disappoints too much on its way to being a fun filled Halloween story.

ó Nathan Melby

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