Dick Tracy 3-D

    (Blackthorne, 1986)
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Part of Blackthorne’s Comic-Strip Preserves series, this issue presents Chester Gould’s legendary detective, Dick Tracy, in 3-D. A pair of standard red-and-blue 3-D glasses are included in the issue.

In “Ocean Death Trap,” Miss Egghead strands Tracy in a sunken canyon on a granite island somewhere in the Caribbean. Soon, Tracy learns he is not alone on the island, when he discovers a similarly stranded superintendent of Scotland Yard. With only a handful of items, including his two-way wrist radio, can Tracy and the superintendent survive in the lifeless canyon? And when a hurricane sets in, how will it affect the heroes, or a villainous trio hiding out in Cuba?

This collection of strips includes many classic Tracy characters, including Sam, Wunbrow, and the evil Chicory, Gorilla, and Dropper.

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Includes 3-D glassesChester GouldChester Gould