Death Crazed Teenage Superheroes

    (ArfArf, 1986)
ô and © 1986 Jim Erskine

Jim Erskineís classic black-and-white tale features teens thrust into a new world, one similar to Marvelís New Universe of the late eighties. The characters are recognizable as takeoffs on mainstream comic book characters, but Erskine has taken a fresh approach and put together a story with surprises.

Jennifer, Chris, and Chance were three normal thirteen-year-old kids sitting in class one day when a bright light showed up and everything changed. They suddenly were adults with super powers, costumes, and no trace of their past lives or anyone they knew. Families and friends no longer existed, even though the rest of the world seemed as normal as they remembered it. A few others, we find, were also changed, making life quite a bit more interesting for the titanic threesome as they sought to understand what had happened to them and how to deal with the rest of their lives.

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