Heroes, Inc. Presents Cannon

    (Armed Services, 1969)
™ and ©1969 Armed Services Distribution

This anthology series was published during the Vietnam War for American soldiers, edited and drawn by comics legend Wally Wood, with work by other famous contributors such as Steve Ditko.

The dubious highlight of the series, Cannon presents the story of an ex-P.O.W., brainwashed by Communists, who after reprogramming is a man with no emotions. The unstoppable Cannon can destroy an entire Communist base single-handedly, while saving a kidnapped woman, and protecting American military secrets.

“The Misfits” tells the tale of three bizarre creatures, a beautiful android woman, a furry telepathic alien, and a huge, dimwitted mutant, who together turn out to be mankind’s only hope against an alien bent on strip-mining the Earth.

Finally, in the humorous “Dragonella,” an infant girl is abandoned in the woods and raised by dragons. When she blooms into a young woman, Dragonella and her jealous dragon companion St. George, go in search of a prince.

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1st appearance of Cannon; 1st appearance of The Misfits; 1st appearance of Mystra; 1st appearance of Shag; 1st appearance of Glomb; 1st appearance of DragonellaWally Wood, Ron WhyteWally Wood, Steve Ditko, Ralph Reese


2 copies available from $83.00
Includes 1-page Dynamo pin-up by Wally Wood on on inside front cover; 2-page Ka-davahr pin-up and 1-page SF pin-up both by John Byrne and 1-page Punisher/Huntress (Marvel)/Dominc Fortune pin-up by Howard Chaykin on inside back cover; Magazine-size; Published and © by CPL/Gang; B&WWally Wood, Roger Stern, Mike VosburgWally Wood, Mike Vosburg, John Byrne, Steve Ditko, Howard Chaykin