Sparky & Tim

    (Aaron Warner, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Aaron Warner

Sparky is perpetually dressed in alligator pajamas, complete with gator-feet and a pointy lizard tail. His dog Tim’s claim to fame is eating spilled ice cream and cupcakes. The cast includes Sparky’s parents, grandparents, the old-lady neighbor, and a bully from day-care. He also has a friend from the “upside down world,” which is really his own reflection in a mud puddle. The collected strips are mostly one-liners, without a lot of action. Sparky spends a lot of his time with Gramps, who always has a wisecrack about Grammy. Although superficially reminiscent of Calvin & Hobbes or Dennis the Menace, the only mischief Sparky gets into is accidentally breaking the neighbor’s window. Also unlike Calvin, Sparky showers his mom with unexpected kisses and affectionate hugs.

By Aaron Warner and Denver Brubaker, creators of Adventures of Aaron and Tales of a Checkered Man.

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 Aaron Warner, Denver BrubakerAaron Warner, Denver Brubaker