The Foton Effect

    (Aced, 1986)
ô and © Aced

Due to the incredibly high levels of radiation beneath its crust, the planet Foton in the Andromeda Galaxy is virtually uninhabitable; therefore, it is used as a training ground for warriors, an asylum for the insane, and a prison for criminals. The rub is that prolonged exposure to the radiation reduces those who walk Fotonís surface to mindless Neanderthals.

However, there is one spot on Foton that has been cleaned up, one location where the effects of the radiation can be reversed: Paradise 7óthe goal of the various fighters, freaks, and felons who find themselves at the mercy of the planetís poisonous surface. If a warrior reaches Paradise 7, he is given great wealth and fame, while the insane and the criminal receive their freedom.

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