Tales of the New Teen Titans

    (DC, 1982)

The New Teen Titans first appeared in DC Comics Presents #26. In 1982, DC featured the new group in this four-issue mini-series which relates the full origins of the new characters on the team.

First up is Victor Stone (Cyborg), son of a pair of researchers who raised him as their own experiment in increasing human intelligence. Thanks to their efforts young Victor achieved genius level IQ. Still, he missed having a normal childhood and eventually rebelled against his parents. Fate intervened, however, when he was attacked by the same extradimensional being that killed his mother at S.T.A.R. labs. To save his life, his father had to graft a new body of metal onto the remains of Victor’s old body, turning him into a cyborg.

Later issues in this series relate the origins of Raven, Starfire II (the alien Koriand’r), and Changeling.

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 Origin of Cyborg; Cyborg pin-upMarv WolfmanGeorge Pérez


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 Origin of Raven; Raven pin-upMarv WolfmanGeorge Pérez


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 Origin of Changeling; Changeling pin-upMarv WolfmanGeorge Pérez


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 1st Appearance of Ryand’r; Origin of Starfire II (Koriand’r); Starfire pin-upMarv Wolfman, George PérezGeorge Pérez