(Draco, 1997-1998)
™ and ©1998 John Kennedy Bowden

Who knows if you have been bad or good? And who will perforate your skull with lead kisses if you’re on the bad side? Mrs. Claus, that’s who. She’s tall, raven-haired, has cleavage to spare and lots of loaded firearms. While her mate, the muscle-bound and grizzled Santa, is no pushover, Mrs. Claus is the disciplinarian of the family, regularly dealing death and destruction to those who would harm children or perpetrate evil. Her main adversaries are the malodorous Orcs, led by the one-eyed Lord O’Dannowyne. O’Dannowyne has a treasure trove of misdeeds to his credit, among them wounding Rudolph, shooting Father Time and kidnapping Frosty. It’s Mrs. Claus’s mission to right these wrongs, no matter how many villains she must destroy. Beware, evil! Crying and pouting would be futile. Mrs. Claus is coming to town.

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