Webber’s World

    (Allstar, 1997)
®, ™, and ©1997 Allstar Arena Entertainment, dba Lobito Publishing Group Inc.

This comic marked the debut of Allstar Arena Entertainment, a marriage of sports and super-hero comics. The publishers are quick to point out that although sports heroes have appeared in comics before, this may be the first time that the hero in question received a creator credit for the story.

And what a story it is. In the first, oversized issue, we find Chris adorned in a futuristic basketball uniform complete with energy shoes that allow him to jump incredible distances. No sooner does he have time to lecture a throng of admiring kids that it’s the effort—not the shoes—that make for greatness, than those same kids are kidnapped by—yes—goblins who take them to their underground kingdom. To win their release, Webber has to beat a hulking goblin monster in a strange game of deadly goblin basketball.

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 Brett Lewis, Chris Webber, Joe YukichBrad Gorby, Gordon Purcell, Mark Heike